Julie Andsager

Julie Andsager
Interim Director
W329 AJB/E305 AJB
Office Hours: 
by appointment
PhD 1993, University of Tennessee

Julie Andsager studies media framing of health information and message processing. She also conducts research on audience interpretation of health-related messages. Her studies have appeared in Communication Research, the Journal of Communication, Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, Health Communication, Women & Health, American Journal of Men's Health, and other journals.

Andsager is first author on two books: Self vs. Others: Media, Messages, and the Third-Person Effect (with H. Allen White; Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2007) and Free Expression and Five Democratic Publics: Support for Individual and Media Rights (with Robert O. Wyatt and Ernest Martin; Hampton Press, 2003).

Andsager is associate editor of Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly and a member of the editorial boards of Communication Research, Communication Studies, and the Journal of Health and Mass Communication. She was recipient of the AEJMC Krieghbaum Under-40 Award in 2003. She has served as head of the AEJMC Communication Theory & Methodology Division and president of the Midwest Association for Public Opinion Research.

Andsager teaches quantitative research methods, Media Uses & Effects, and Media & Health. She is also a member of the faculty advisory board for University College.