Julie Andsager

Julie Andsager
W329 AJB
PhD 1993, University of Tennessee

Julie Andsager studies media framing of health information and message processing. She also conducts research on audience interpretation of health-related messages. Her studies have appeared in Communication Research, the Journal of Communication, Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, Health Communication, Women & Health, American Journal of Men's Health, and other journals.

Andsager is first author on two books: Self vs. Others: Media, Messages, and the Third-Person Effect (with H. Allen White; Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2007) and Free Expression and Five Democratic Publics: Support for Individual and Media Rights (with Robert O. Wyatt and Ernest Martin; Hampton Press, 2003).

Andsager is associate editor of Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly and a member of the editorial boards of Communication Research, Communication Studies, and the Journal of Health and Mass Communication. She was recipient of the AEJMC Krieghbaum Under-40 Award in 2003. She has served as head of the AEJMC Communication Theory & Methodology Division and president of the Midwest Association for Public Opinion Research.

Andsager teaches quantitative research methods, Media Uses & Effects, and Media & Health. She is also a member of the faculty advisory board for University College.