International Studies Minor

Students who declare the International Studies minor fall 2012 or later (including all students who were admitted to the University of Iowa for the first time fall 2012 or later) must fulfill the following requirements:

The minor in International Studies requires a minimum of 15 s.h. 

The minor must include IS:2000 (187:020) Introduction to International Studies, or one International Studies "foundation" course from the list below  (this foundation course may only be chosen from the list below; it may not be chosen from the pre-2012 foundation/core list found on the IS Course Database). 

Number Course Title Hours
HIST:2403 (016:003) Western Civilization III 4 s.h.
HIST:3255 (016:082) The World Since 1945 3 s.h.
POLI:1400 (030:045) Introduction to Comparative Politics 3 s.h.
RELS:1015 (032:015) Religions in a Global Context 3 s.h.
ASIA:2450 (039:048) India Beat: Music in India Today 3 s.h.
GEOG:1090 (044:010) Globalization and Geographic Diversity 3 s.h.
GEOG:2910 (044:030) The Global Economy 3 s.h.
CL:1240 (048:040) Major Texts of World Lit, Antqty to 1700 3 s.h.
CL:1241 (048:041) World Literature and World Film 3 s.h.
ANTH:1101 (113:003)
Same as IS:1101 (187:008)
Cultural Anthropology 3 s.h.
DANC:2060 (137:080) Dance & Society in Global Contexts 3 s.h.
ARTH:1030 (01H:008) Themes in Global Art 3 s.h.

The minor must also include 12 s.h. in upper-level coursework approved for the International Studies major taken at the University of Iowa.

  • Upper-level courses have a course number of 3000+ (ex: HIST:3255 is upper-level)
  • Courses approved for the International Studies major are listed in the International Studies Course Database

To preserve the interdisciplinary nature of the International Studies minor, students may count a maximum of 6 s.h. from a single department, program, or from the Tippie College of Business, or from a major, another minor, or a certificate toward the International Studies minor. 

Students must maintain a grade point average of at least 2.00 in the minor. Course work in the minor may not be taken pass/nonpass.

Please note that International Studies minor degree audits do not update automatically.  They are updated during week 5 of the fall and spring semester.

For previous International Studies minor requirements refer to the UI Catalog,

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