International Relations Major

Ready to take on the world?  International Relations is for you.  International relations (IR) is an interdisciplinary bachelor’s degree program offered by the Department of Political Science.  Students gain the combination of knowledge and skills to understand and, more crucially, shape our ever more closely connected and changing world. 

While ensuring an excellent grounding in political, economic and historical fundamentals, IR also provides substantial flexibility for students to pursue the global issues or world regions they find most interesting.  (See our curriculum.)  Dozens of courses counting toward the degree are offered every semester by Iowa’s internationally renowned faculty.  Working closely with an advisor, you will select a series of courses that gives you the preparation you want.  This includes opportunities to take courses from distinguished alumni with careers in diplomacy, international law or business and other fields as well as visiting faculty from other countries.

IR students get to engage actively with contemporary world affairs, meeting and interacting with major international figures in virtually every field or working directly with faculty members on international research.  IR majors are particularly encouraged to complete some of their requirements by studying abroad.  Iowa students can take advantage of numerous programs in all world areas.  They should contact the UI International Programs Office early in their studies to begin selecting a program

Want to make a difference?  International Relations provides outstanding preparation for work in the diplomatic service, multinational corporations, intelligence organizations, international organizations, think tanks, public health agencies or international media organizations.  Please contact us for more information.

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