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Samuel L. Becker 1923 - 2012

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Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Communication Studies Samuel L. "Sam" Becker died on Thursday, November 8, 2012, at the age of 89. Professor Becker, a UI alumnus, was a beloved figure for the University of Iowa, the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, the Department of Communication Studies, and the countless students, faculty colleagues, staff members, and community members who were touched by his more than 70 years of scholarship, mentorship, and friendship at the UI.

Tributes to Sam:

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Bruce E. Gronbeck 1941 - 2014

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Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Communication Studies, Bruce Elliott Gronbeck of Longmont, Colorado, died September 10, 2014 in Iowa City doing what he loved so much: being with his friends and colleagues at the University of Iowa. He delivered his last lecture Tuesday, and then hours before his death on Wednesday, was bathed in love and gratitude from his colleagues and students at a celebratory dinner.

Tributes to Bruce:

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Wendy Gronbeck's tribute for the occasion of the Alumni Fellows reception, Sept. 11, 2014.

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2014 NCA Panel- Remembering Bruce: A Tribute to Bruce Gronbeck