Linux Server and Desktop Management Service Description

Support Levels

The CLAS Linux Group of the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences provides two levels of supported service for desktop Linux systems.

Full CLAS Linux Group support

The CLAS Linux Group team installs and updates supported software. The CLAS Linux Group has ongoing responsibility for the system, applications, security, updates and software licensing. Only the CLAS Linux Group has full administrative (root) permissions. If the desktop system has problems, the CLAS Linux Group will repair or recover, using best available methods.

Self-Administered with Initial Default CLAS Linux Group Load

Initially, the CLAS Linux Group attempts to install and configure their default load - the operating system and default applications. After the initial installation and configuration, the primary user is given full administrative (root) permissions. The primary user must install and maintain the system and all software. If the desktop has problems, the primary user is responsible for repair or recovery. The CLAS Linux Group can re-image the system up to twice a year or by request of the DEO of the primary user.

Conditions and Limitations

Some conditions and limitations apply to both levels of supported service. For more information, please see the policy documents listed in the Policy section of this page.

Self-Administered Systems

Anyone who wishes to administer their own Linux desktop system must install and maintain all software themselves. The primary user is responsible for the system, peripherals, applications, security, and maintenance. The primary user will have full administrative (root) permissions; the CLAS Linux Group will not. If the system has problems, the primary user is responsible for repair or recovery, not the CLAS Linux Group.  See the Self Managed Machine Checklist for your responsibilities.

Linux Server and Desktop Management Policy

General Policy for Service Provided by the CLAS Linux Group, in HTML
CLAS Linux Group Linux Support Policy, in HTML
Self-Managed Machine Checklist, in HTML