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Getting an Account

Regular Accounts

Anyone with an active HawkID can use our automated provisioning feature that will create a College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Linux account. 

You can auto-provision an account by following the Remote Linux Desktop instructions (preferred method) or by logging in with an SSH client to (for more advanced users), which creates an account the first time you login either to our FastX Remote Linux Desktop environment or login directly via SSH.

Course Accounts

Anyone with an active HawkID can login to any of the Windows machines in the computer laboratories. If an instructor would like their students to use a Linux environment, their students can set up their CLAS Linux environment by using their HawkIDs to login as instructed above.

Sponsored Accounts

Anyone who is not affiliated with The University of Iowa must acquire an active HawkID by requesting a "guest account" via a "Sponsored invitation", HawkIDs are available for guests, collaborators, contractors, or other external users who need access to University of Iowa systems.

University employees can use the Account Creation Tool to invite a guest to create a HawkID. The initiator of the invitation will receive an email including the new HawkID once the invitee sets up their account.  Please ensure to request "VPN" access under the "Service Requests" field during the "Sponsored Invitation" web form.  Guest accounts expire after one year and all security groups are dropped and need to be readded if continued access is desired. Losing access to the security groups prevents VPN access.  Send an email to the ITS Helpdesk to re-establish these security groups.

DUO access configuration is required to use the VPN.

Guest Accounts are NOT to be used to re-activate a HawkID of an existing user (ie a student that has graduated).  That requires a $0 appointment, which the department can request.  This requires a CV and appropriate University of Iowa title (e.g., Research Assistant II).


Account Expiration

A HawkID becomes inactive whenever the person holding the HawkID no longer is affiliated with The University of Iowa. When a person's HawkID becomes inactive, their CLAS Linux account will be deleted. Also, if a CLAS Linux account appears to have been inactive for a year, the account holder will be notified that their CLAS Linux account will be deleted within 90 days, unless the holder logs into their CLAS Linux account or requests the CLAS Linux Group to keep their account. ITS details a number of services that are impacted when you part ways with the University here.

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