Unsupported Software

If you would like to use a Linux software package that has not been installed by the CLAS Linux Group, you can ask the CLAS Linux Group to install it. However, if the package does not meet the criteria outlined in Supported Software, or if for some other reason the CLAS Linux Group will not install it, you are free to install it yourself. You can install your own software in your account's home directory. Or, if you think others would benefit from the application, you can install it in /group/yoyo. (Read the README file in /group/yoyo first.)

If you do want to use user-installed software, please be aware that:

  • You use the software at your own risk. The support staff cannot guarantee that user-installed software is safe to use.
  • The support staff will not help you. The staff cannot provide support for software they did not install.
  • Only freeware and licensed commercial or shareware applications may be installed. Any user who installs pirated software is subject to disciplinary action.
  • No cracking tools are allowed. Any user who installs software that the support staff considers to be a threat to other users may face disciplinary action.
  • Quota is not automatically granted for user-installed software. Any software you install will consume some of your disk quota. If you run out of quota, the support staff may decide not to increase your quota.