Hardware Support Restrictions


To be supported, a hardware configuration must be approved by the CLAS Linux Group BEFORE the equipment is ordered. There are too many combinations and peripherals for PC's for us to support every combination or for us to list the "currently" supported combinations. We will work hard to support mainstream combinations of video, Ethernet, mouse and sound cards. If the equipment is ordered without being approved by CLAS Linux Group, we reserve the right not to support it.  This applies to both initial purchases as well as upgrades.

Vendor and Manufacturer Support

The CLAS Linux Group does not purchase vendor or manufacturer support for supported platforms. It is the responsibility of the purchaser of the equipment to arrange for any necessary support contracts with the vendor or manufacturer.

Superuser Access

The CLAS Linux Group team will support equipment if, and only if, CLAS Linux Group is the only party to have superuser (root) access, or the equivalent, on that equipment. The CLAS Linux Group cannot be responsible for the state of equipment for which it does not have sole and complete administrative access.


The CLAS Linux Group will work with the researcher to find the most econimical way to backup their data. See Backup/Restore Service Offeringfor details.

Off-site Equipment

The CLAS Linux Group does not have the resources to support equipment off-site. Equipment located off-campus will not be supported at all. Equipment at on-campus locations outside of the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences will have low-priority support, if it falls into one of the supported categories outlined above.


The CLAS Linux Group staff will cooperate with ITS Network Services to help troubleshoot problems connecting from on-campus sites. However, because the CLAS Linux Group does not control network equipment, there is no guarantee that CLAS Linux Group can resolve every connectivity problem. The CLAS Linux Group team cannot support remote access from off campus. The many combinations of hardware, software, and network connectivity makes the support of remote access impossible. If you are having trouble accessing equipment from off-campus, contact your Internet service provider.