Color Printing Policy

Availability and Access

The Department of Computer Science and the Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science have purchased color printers for use by their faculty, staff and students. Please check with your respective department for access and use of these printing resources. The printer in 241 SH is accessible from all faculty and graduate student Linux workstations in the Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science (all of them except the ones in 346 SH). Queues can also be set up on IBM PCs and compatibles and Apple MacOS X machines.

Rules for Use

The departments and CLAS Linux Group is trying to address the need for good quality color printers for grant proposals and other research use. Also, there may be some times when faculty may have some items for classroom use that require color. However, the supplies for these printers are much more expensive than for black and white printers. Therefore, these rules for their use must be followed.

These printers ARE NOT COPY MACHINES, so please don't use them as such! If you need to produce multiple copies of a color document, print out one and have it reproduced at a local color copy service.To print transparencies, use only HP-branded transparencies that are labeled specifically for LaserJet printers. Do NOT use transparencies for InkJet printers. The use of any type of transparency other than HP-branded LaserJet transparencies may damage the printers. CLAS Linux Group does not supply transparencies; they must be purchased by the user. Faculty in the Departments of Computer Science, Mathematics, or Statistics and Actuarial Science can use the color printers for research papers, grant proposals, and other such documents that require color. Staff and research assistants working with faculty on these projects and papers may also use the color printers for these projects and papers.The color printers must not be used for classroom use, except in special cases in which it is really REALLY necessary, and then, only by faculty. It may not be used if the only justification is that "it looks nice." Teaching assistants cannot use the color printers for classroom use.The color printers must absolutely never be used for personal items. The CLAS Linux Group staff will not be happy if they find stacks of 50 resumes from a graduate student on the color printers! (This is too often the case with the regular black and white printers.) No students (except for RAs, as outlined above) may use the color printers.