Online Coursework Submission

The submit Command

The submit command allows you to submit coursework online by automatically copying your coursework files and/or directories to an assignment directory. Your instructor for the class must have created this directory before you can submit coursework.

Using submit from a UNIX Shell

The submit command can be invoked from a UNIX shell. Simply type submit at a shell prompt and press the Enter key. If at any point you want to abort the submit command without submitting coursework, hold down the Control key and press the C key.

After you enter the submit command, the submit dialog should start. You will see a prompt that says File/directory name:. Enter the name of your coursework file or directory that you want to submit.

For submit to work, either your current directory must contain the coursework assignment, or you must enter the entire, absolute path of each coursework file or directory.

After you have entered your coursework file or directory, you will see another File/directory name: prompt. You can enter multiple files or directories, and they will all be submitted to the same assignment directory.

When you have entered the last file or directory that you want to submit, press the Enter key at the next File/directory name: prompt. You then will see a prompt that reads Course (CS:0016 would be c_016):. Type in the course abbreviation for your class. For example, the course abbreviation for CS:0016 would be probably be c_016.

Now you should see a list of assignment directories for your course. Enter the assignment directory for your coursework assignment. If the directory is several levels deep, for example Section1/coursework1, then you must type Section1/coursework1. Any deviation, e.g. coursework1 or 1/coursework1, will not work. If you specify a directory to which you cannot submit coursework to, an error message will display and the list of valid submit directories for the course will appear again.

File and directory names are case-sensitive. Using the example above, typing section1/coursework1 instead of Section1/Homework1 will result in an error.

If you submit the same coursework to the same assignment directory, then your previously submitted coursework will be removed from the assignment directory and the new coursework will replace it.

You can specify the coursework file or directory on the command line. You can specify multiple files or directories.


If you see a "Command not found" message when you run submit, then your path is not set correctly. Contact the CLAS Linux Group for help in resolving this situation.