Remote Linux Access/FastX Desktop Client


Certain OpenGL based applications and/or other graphically intensive applications (like YouTube) will not work well in a FastX session.

Please use only blank screen settings for xscreensaver. The animated screen savers waste server resources.

When you are finished please LOG OUT. If you do not log out you can RECONNECT by clicking an existing session and using the "play" shaped button.

Desktop client install instructions

  1. Use any browser to connect to:

    Screenshot of FastX login screen

  2. Click the "Close" bottom after you've read the message of the day and legal disclaimers.
  3. Click the "Desktop Client" link in the lower right hand corner of the screen and pick the version appropriate to your operating system:

    Screenshot of Looking for the desktop client? link in FastX

  4. Install or unpack the downloaded application and launch it. Choose the "+" symbol to create a connection and choose Web NOT ssh:

    Screenshot of FastX add connection screen

  5. Fill in the connection information as below using your own HawkID in the user field.  The url for fastx is:

    New Web Connection

  6. Once you create your connection you will need to log in using your hawkid/password. Again choose the "+" symbol to create a new session:

    Screenshot of the new session screen in the FastX program

  7. Choose MATE (or XFCE) and click ok to create the session:

    FastX New Session