Dean’s Student Advisory Committee (DSAC)

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​The Dean's Student Advisory Committee (DSAC) is headed by Associate Dean Helena Dettmer for Undergraduate Programs and Curriculum. This student-led committee helps the College to understand the needs of students and how to assist them. The committee meets with a large number of significant faculty/staff all across campus.

Issues discussed fall within the following topics:

  • Academic policies
  • Degree requirements
  • Advising opportunities
  • Course availability
  • Internship experiences
  • Recruitment activities 

DSAC members raise concerns for discussion and action, ranging from degree requirements and advising to research opportunities and internships. Currently, we have 3 working subcommittees:

  1. Research: Nathan Micatka, chair 
  2. Recruitment: Nico McCarty, chair
  3. Reach & Relations: Jake Simpson, chair

Some of the past issues we have targeted include but are not limited to:

  • Modifying the required Rhetoric course (to only Accelerated Rhetoric)
  • Addressing maximum # of finals in one day
  • Noting the use of ACE Forms & how to publicize results
  • Inputting improvements to the Main Library
  • Discussing additions to Living Learning Communities
  • Adding ideas to the development of the new ISIS
  • Updating the CLAS Academic Code of Honesty
  • Offering student perspectives to faculty-headed operations across campus

Our current projects include:

  • Forming a major-specific ambassador/mentorship program
  • Assisting with college recruitment activities 

The committee meets the second Friday of each month from 2:30- 3:30 during the academic year. If you have any questions, feel free to contact DSAC President, Casandra Crose at

Applications can be found online at:  

Current Members

  • Asli Ceren Tahan- Senior - Psychology, Interdepartmental Studies (Health Science-Multidisciplinary Science), Pre-Medicine, and Clinical and Translational Science Certificate
  • Brittany Ann Loutsch- Senior - English Education (Teacher Education Program 5-12) and American Studies minor
  • Casandra Crose- Senior- Health and Human Physiology, Pre-Physician Assistant Program 
  • Emily O'Brien - Senior - Human Physiology, Pre-Physician Assistant
  • Evangeline Williamson- Senior- Psychology
  • Hunter Gillaspie- Junior- Nursing Interest and Spanish Minor
  • Jacob Simpson- Sophomore- Biology (Comprehensive Biology), Ethics and Public Policy, Pre-Medicine and Writing Certificate, and Music Minor
  • Joseph Michael Springer- Junior- Russian , International Studies (International Business)
  • Lindsey Blair- Senior- Art History, Art, Business Administration minor, Chemistry minor, Museum Studies certificate
  • Madalyn Rasor- Junior- Human Physiology, Pre-Medicine, Pharmacy Interest, and Global Health Studies certificate
  • Madison Shutt- Junior- International Relations (Conflict and Foreign Policy), Spanish Minor
  • Megan Henry - Senior- Vocal Performance, Environmental Science, Theatre Arts
  • Morgan Kennedy - Senior- Human Physiology, Pre-Medicine,  Entrepreneurial Management Certificate, and Psychology Minor
  • Nathan Micatka- Sophomore- Political Science, Economics, and Social Science Analytics Certificate
  • Nicholas McCarty- Junior- Microbiology, Biochemistry, Pre-Medicine, Chemistry minor, Clinical and Translational Science certificate, Global Health Studies Certificate
  • Parthiv Shah- Junior- Computer Science, Business Administration Minor
  • Rachel Zuckerman- Junior- Journalism and Mass Communication, Political Science, Critical Cultural Competence certificate, International Business Certificate
  • Rory Metcalf- Senior- Human Physiology, Pre-Medicine, and Global Health Studies Minor
  • Zachary Weigel- Junior- Political Science, Social Studies Education (Teacher Education Program American Government Emphasis 5-12)