Dean’s Student Advisory Committee (DSAC)

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The Dean's Student Advisory Committee (DSAC) is headed by Associate Dean Helena Dettmer for Undergraduate Programs and Curriculum. This student-led committee helps the College to understand the needs of students and how to assist them. The committee meets with a large number of significant faculty/staff all across campus.

Issues discussed fall within the following topics:

  • Academic policies
  • Degree requirements
  • Advising opportunities
  • Course availability
  • Internship experiences
  • Recruitment activities 

DSAC members raise concerns for discussion and action, ranging from degree requirements and advising to research opportunities and internships.

Some of the past issues we have targeted include but are not limited to:

  • Modifying the required Rhetoric course (to only Accelerated Rhetoric)
  • Addressing maximum # of finals in one day
  • Noting the use of ACE Forms & how to publicize results
  • Inputting improvements to the Main Library
  • Discussing additions to Living Learning Communities
  • Adding ideas to the development of the new ISIS
  • Updating the CLAS Academic Code of Honesty
  • Offering student perspectives to faculty-headed operations across campus

Our current projects include:

  • Forming a major-specific ambassador/mentorship program
  • Assisting with college recruitment activities 

The committee meets once a month during the academic year, generally during the day. If you have any questions, feel free to contact DSAC President Casandra Crose at

Current Members

  • Asli Ceren Tahan- Senior - Psychology, Interdepartmental Studies (Health Science-Multidisciplinary Science), Pre-Medicine, and Clinical and Translational Science Certificate
  • Brittany Ann Loutsch- Senior - English Education (Teacher Education Program 5-12) and American Studies minor
  • Casandra Crose- Senior- Health and Human Physiology, Pre-Physician Assistant Program 
  • Emily O'Brien - Senior - Human Physiology, Pre-Physician Assistant
  • Evangeline Williamson- Senior- Psychology
  • Hunter Gillaspie- Junior- Nursing Interest and Spanish Minor
  • Jacob Simpson- Sophomore- Biology (Comprehensive Biology), Ethics and Public Policy, Pre-Medicine and Writing Certificate, and Music Minor
  • Joseph Michael Springer- Junior- Russian , International Studies (International Business)
  • Lindsey Blair- Senior- Art History, Art, Business Administration minor, Chemistry minor, Museum Studies certificate
  • Madalyn Rasor- Junior- Human Physiology, Interdepartmental Studies (Engaged Social Innovation), Pre-Medicine, Pharmacy Interest, and Global Health Studies certificate
  • Madison Shutt- Junior- International Relations (Conflict and Foreign Policy), Spanish Minor
  • Megan Henry - Senior- Vocal Performance, Environmental Science, Theatre Arts
  • Morgan Kennedy - Senior- Human Physiology, Pre-Medicine,  Entrepreneurial Management Certificate, and Psychology Minor
  • Nathan Micatka- Sophomore- Political Science, Economics Minor
  • Nicholas McCarty- Junior- Microbiology, Biochemistry, Pre-Medicine, Chemistry minor, Clinical and Translational Science certificate, Global Health Studies Certificate
  • Parthiv Shah- Junior- Computer Science, Business Administration Minor
  • Rachel Zuckerman- Junior- Journalism and Mass Communication, Political Science, Critical Cultural Competence certificate, International Business Certificate
  • Rory Metcalf- Senior- Human Physiology, Pre-Medicine, and Global Health Studies Minor
  • Zachary Weigel- Junior- Political Science, Social Studies Education (Teacher Education Program American Government Emphasis 5-12)