Interdisciplinary CLAS Courses 2021-22

Department Course # Course Name


ENGL:6610:0001 Studies in African American Literature
Religious Studies RELS:6580 Seminar Religion and Society: Religion, Work and Migration
Cinematic Arts CINE:5500:0001 Success in Graduate Studies
Cinematic Arts CINE:5675:0001 Advanced Film History
Cinematic Arts CINE:5890:0001 Colloquium in Film and Video Production
Cinematic Arts CINE:7615:0001 Film Studies Seminar
French & Italian FREN:6750:0001 Topics in French Studies
GWSS GWSS:3350:0001 Transnational Feminism
GWSS GWSS:3475:0001 Working for Social Justice
GWSS GWSS:5000:0001 Foundations for GWSS
GWSS GWSS:6990:0IND Independent Study
CSD CSD: 4165 Communication Disorders and Aging
History HIST:7414:0001 Slavery & Social Death 1200 BCE-1865 CE
History HIST:7140:0001 Climate Change in World History
American Studies AMST:5000 Interdisciplinary Research in American Studies (FA21)
American Studies AMST:6050 Seminar: Topics in American Studies: Cultures of Capitalism (SP22)
Sports Studies SPST:6074 Seminar in Sport History (SP22)