Arts and Culture Events Fee Refund

Students pay an Arts and Cultural Events Fee each semester. Full-time students pay $12, and part-time students pay either $6 or $9, depending on the number of credit hours they are taking. This fee supports many cultural events and performances on campus that are free to students. The fee also subsidizes the cost of student admission to any ticketed event produced by the Division of Performing Arts (student ticket prices at these events are set at $5). However, under an agreement with UI Student Government, students may request a partial reimbursement of this fee.

To receive the reimbursement, submit a request form (see below) for each semester of enrollment to the University Billing Office, 5 Calvin Hall, by the deadline stated on the form. No appeals will be accepted after the deadline.

Fall 2011 Form

For more information, contact the Office of Academic Programs & Student Development.