College isn't easy. If you need a little extra help, that's OK—we're here to help. 

It is common for students to need a hand. Courses are more challenging than high school, and living on your own isn't easy. 

That's exactly why the University of Iowa and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences offer a variety of academic and support resources to meet you where you are and help you succeed.

Explore some of the academic and study resources available to you as a Hawkeye, in addition to other important campus services like financial aid, legal advice, career services, and more. 

We're here to help

CLAS Undergraduate Programs can:
  • Answer questions about college policies
  • Help navigate academic concerns
  • Explain how to meet graduation requirements, and more!

We'll be with you every step of the way.

A sign showing the tutoring center at the Biz Hub on campus

Tutoring and help centers

Supplemental tutoring across many subjects is available at several help centers and in departments across the college and campus. 

students sitting at round tables with laptops in career center at the University of Iowa

Student success workshops

From study tips to time management and test-taking advice, workshops are available across campus each semester. 

A student studying at Iowa

Learning at Iowa

Learn how to learn with these helpful online resources that teach you how to study and manage your time.

students in writing center

Writing Center

Get advice on brainstorming, drafting, revising, and editing your papers and presentations. Submit your draft or schedule an appointment. 

Student success workshops

This session will provide a structured opportunity to reflect on your semester and evaluate how effective you have been with your learning so far. You will then identify specific steps and strategies you can use for the rest of the semester to accomplish your academic goals.

Presented by Learning at Iowa

Learn about tools to create effective time management plans and to recognize how your academic success is affected by time management. 

Presented by Academic Support and Retention

Learn about bouncing back from situations that do not go as planned and set a path towards success.

Presented by Academic Support and Retention.

Learn about the daily habits of a successful student, what basic academic behaviors are, and how daily habits affect students’ GPAs. 

Presented by Academic Support and Retention

Learn about ways to approach exams, including memory techniques and strategies for tackling multiple-choice questions.

Presented by Academic Support and Retention

In this workshop you will learn more about SDS and what we do. You will learn about different types of disabilities; the application process; common accommodations; our academic support programs; and how we may be able to help you.

Presented by Student Disability Services

This session will provide you with tools to begin budgeting as a college student and plan for future expenses. We will also cover basics of financial aid how to navigate the financial aid process.

Presented by the Office of Student Financial Aid

Tutoring and help centers

The Chemistry Fraternity offers free private or small group tutoring upon request for undergraduate chemistry and STEM related courses.

The Academic Resource Center offers supplemental instruction in a number of gateway courses. These sessions take place in the academic resource center unless noted. It is located in the ground floor of the Iowa Memorial Union. The center also offers tutoring referrals and other help.

The Art Library offers a variety of services, both in-person and online.

The Center for Language and Culture Learning contains facilities for video production and editing, spaces for small group and collaborative work, a lab with 24 computers, and a large lounge for studying, workshops, conversation hours, and tutoring sessions.

TAs are available to assist students in their chemistry courses at the Chemistry Center. Students also utilize this space to prepare for exams, get help on homework, work on laboratory reports, and general study. 

TAs hold office hours for their courses in the Chemistry Center. Other resources in the room include student computers, alternate textbooks, and modeling kits.

The Department of Computer Science offers tutors who are experts in related courses. Visit the department website for contact information.

Staffed by several graduate student advisors every semester, the History Writing Center is available to any student in a history course needing assistance with a writing assignment.

University of Iowa Libraries offer a variety of services, both in-person and online. Research Consultations and The SEAM: undergraduate research assistance is available online and in-person through Students Engage at Main.

The Math Tutorial Lab provides students with the opportunity to receive one-on-one help from tutors ready and able to answer questions and gets over 5,000 student visits each semester.

Do you need some extra academic support to pass your nursing coursework? Upper-class BSN students lead weekly peer to peer instruction in prerequisite nursing foundation courses until final exam week.

All students are welcome to attend the Physics and Astronomy Help Center at any time during operating hours to get help with courses in the department.

The Rita Benton Music Library offers many services to students, both in-person and online.

The UI Sciences Library contains collections for biology, chemistry, geoscience, physics, and psychology.

The Student Center, located in the Adler Journalism Building, is a place for students to study, relax between classes, work on group projects, check e-mail, do research, and browse key publications in the field of journalism and mass communications. 

The Statistics Tutorial Lab makes extra help available in introductory statistics courses. We help with:

  • STAT:1010, Statistics and Society
  • STAT:1020, Elementary Statistics and Inference
  • STAT:1030, Statistics for Business
  • STAT:2020, Probability & Statistics for Engineering & Physical Science

Supplemental Instruction is offered for a variety of courses to help you succeed both inside and outside of the classroom.

The Tippie College of Business offers support and tutoring for several of its undergraduate business courses.

TRIO serves students who have a demonstrated academic need and are first-generation, low-income, or have a verified disability. TRIO students may request free tutoring.

Tutor Iowa is a centralized all-campus website used to find academic help labs, supplemental instruction, and private tutors. 

Private tutors have completed Tutor Iowa Orientation, meet the required GPA and other standards. Private tutors do charge a fee. 

You will find a variety of resources on this website across all areas of campus.

Writing Center consultants will work with you on all kinds of writing projects, as well as on speeches and presentations. Schedule an appointment, drop-in, or submit your work for feedback.

Additional resources across campus

The Academic Advising Center strives to help each student make a successful transition to the University of Iowa, explore their interests and possibilities, develop an appropriate academic plan, and engage in educationally meaningful experiences. First year students are advised here until they reach 30 semester hours and have a major. From there, they are transferred to an advisor in the college. 

Review the listings for campus and community resources that help support basic needs. From food insecurity to clothing, child care and more.

The Center for Inclusive Academic Excellence offers programs to enhance the cultural, social, and academic experiences of Hawkeyes. The programs have the goal of building community, celebrating cultures, and educating students on various topics.

Mentoring at Iowa provides resources to  connect mentors and mentees and help them make the most of their experience together. 

OIE coordinates the university's response to reports of sexual assault, sexual harassment, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking when those reports involve members or visitors to the campus community. Call or visit the website to report or talk with someone.  

The campus career center offers career coaching, leadership and career related academic courses, experiential education, and campus recruiting. Hawkeyes can take advantage of these services from their first-year until well after they graduate. 

Student-Athlete Academic Services assistants student-athletes with making timely and satisfactory progress toward their degrees. This can include, but is not limited to, academic advisement, tutorial and instructional support as well as educational programming.

SDS provides support and academic accommodations for students with disabilities and collaborates with students, faculty, and staff to create an accessible educational environment for all.

The University of Iowa offers an affordable, high-quality education. The Office of Student Financial Aid will assist you with the costs of your educational investment. In includes a committed team of professionals who work in partnership with you, providing information on available options and assisting you with the financial aid process.    

Student Legal Services provides legal advice and representation from licensed attorneys for currently enrolled University of Iowa students. The services are free and confidential. Students contact SLS for assistance with landlord-tenant issues, criminal charges, traffic tickets, name changes, expungement, notarization of documents and more.