CLAS Staff Council Elections

2021-2022 Elections

The 2021 CLAS Staff Council Election is scheduled for spring of 2021. Please contact Lisa Gray with any questions or problems concerning the staff elections.

This year there are two member seats to fill.  One member will be elected to represent Voting Group II (Administration) and one will be elected to represent Voting Group V (Reseach and Health Care).

You may nominate staff members from eligible Voting Groups as candidates for election to the CLAS Staff Council for a three year term to begin on June 1, 2021.  

Term ends 2021: Carole Kern (group II), George Hospodarsky (group V)

Term ends 2022: Kathy Ford (group II), Mark Fullenkamp (group I), Emma Kirk (group I), Julie Ostrem (group III), Jeremy Richardson (group IV), Greta Sokoloff (group V)

Term ends 2023:  Amanda Jensen (At Large), Jen Knights (At Large), Sandy Mast (group IV)


Nomination and Election Processes

From February 3 through February 10, 2021, CLAS staff may nominate candidates to serve on the CLAS Staff Council.  Nominees who agree to become candidates will appear on the election ballots later in March (see election timeline below).

The secure voting site is Nominations will close Wednesday, February 10, at midnight.

The CLAS Staff Council shall have eleven members elected from and by the CLAS staff from the  Voting Groups.  Two members shall represent Voting Group I, two members shall represent Voting Group II, one member shall represent Voting Group III, two members shall represent Voting Group IV, and two members shall represent Voting Group V. Two remaining members will be elected by the staff At Large from any Voting Group, but there may be no more than three members from any one Voting Group.



CLAS staff are assigned to one of five electoral groups based upon job function, as shown in the Nomination and Voting List, in which each unit and its staff is listed with the Voting Group in which it belongs:  

  • Voting Group I: Academic Support, Libraries, Information Technology
  • Voting Group II: Administration
  • Voting Group III: Arts Culture & Entertainment, Marketing Communication & Outreach
  • Voting Group IV: Business & Finance, Engineering & Architecture, Facilities, Human Resources
  • Voting Group V: Research, Health Care

To find out which voting group you belong to please check your My Self-Service > University Information > Staff Council Category.



February 3, Wednesday

Nomination ballots open, 8 a.m.

February 10, Wednesday

Nomination ballots close, midnight

February 26, Friday

Election ballots and candidate statements published on the website

March 3, Wednesday

Election voting opens, 8 a.m.

March 10, Wednesday

Election voting closes, midnight

March 17, Wednesday

Election results posted on the webpage