CLAS Staff Council Elections

2020-2021 Elections

The 2021 CLAS Staff Council Election is scheduled for spring of 2021. Please contact Lisa Gray with any questions or problems concerning the staff elections.

The CLAS Staff Council shall have eleven members elected from and by the CLAS staff from the Voting Groups. Two members shall represent Voting Group I, two members shall represent Voting Group II, one member shall represent Voting Group III, two members shall represent Voting Group IV, and two members shall represent Voting Group V. Two remaining members will be elected by the staff At Large from any Voting Group, but there may be no more than three members from any one Voting Group.

Voting Group IV (Business and Finance, Engineering and Architecture, Facilities, Human Resources) Candidate Statements

Sandy Mast
Senior Accountant, CLAS Business and Finance

I have accepted the nomination to be on the ballot for CLAS Staff Council. I have been employed at the University of Iowa for over 31 years. Over 26 of those years, have been within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. I feel with the knowledge I have gained and the skills I have developed from the multiple positions I have held spanning multiple departments, would aid me in being a good advocate and strong voice for the staff of CLAS. I have served on other working groups, at both the University and College levels that I feel have made strides in improving the working environment. I would again contribute my time and efforts in making a difference for the good of CLAS staff.

Melia Pieper
HR Manager, CLAS Administration

I have accepted the nomination to run for CLAS Staff Council because in this time of fast paced changes, I think it is important that staff have a formal advocacy group they can count on to represent their best interests. I have been a member of CLAS for over six years as a Department Administrator and as an HR Manager. This experience has given me the unique perspective of staff that hard lines within a department and staff that hard lines to the CLAS Dean’s Office. It would be an honor to serve as a representative. 

At Large Candidate Statements

Jennifer Eimers
Associate Director, CLAS Academic Programs and Student Development

I am excited about the opportunity to participate in shared governance as a CLAS Staff Council member. If elected, in addition to advocating for staff, I would encourage stronger two-way communication between the Council and its constituents. My qualifications include a variety of higher education experience. Prior to being hired at UI, I served as a faculty member at a small liberal arts college in mid-Missouri where I served in numerous leadership roles from 2008-2016. These roles offered me extensive experience serving on cross-campus committees comprised of staff, faculty, and administration. Currently I serve on two CDE committees and the CLAS Committee on Diversity. I would use this experience to work with Staff Council on setting goals and developing strategies that will improve the work lives of our staff and advance our Strategic Plan.

Jennifer Graham
Application Developer, CLAS Administration

I am running for CLAS Staff Council because I want to learn more about, and be an active member in our CLAS community. I feel that I have the right qualifications as a council member because of my various leadership roles. I currently hold board positions at two small non-profits which lends itself to active communication, participation and representation at multiple levels. And, as an application developer in CLAS, I also engage with people as we work on projects together.            

In addition, I feel that being on the council would be advantageous to CLAS once my tenure is complete. I would learn more about our staff, due to a higher level of engagement via the CLAS Staff Council. I could use this more in-depth knowledge to better serve the college as an application developer.

Amanda Jensen
Administrative Services Coordinator, CLAS Administration

I am honored to be nominated as a candidate for the CLAS Staff Council. As a staff representative, I will work to advocate for the interests of the College. I want to help identify strategies and do concrete work to improve our administration policies, community involvement, and staff learning through professional development. I hope to assist in voicing concerns for the diverse community of people that have interests in the future growth and needs of this campus. During my career at the University of Iowa, my positions have allowed me to work with students, faculty, and staff from across campus daily. I am involved in student service and success initiatives that include CLAS core curriculum, professional advising, DEI programming, and technology advancements. I would enjoy putting my skills to work for CLAS Staff as well as the College.

Jen Knights
Marketing and Community Engagement Specialist, School of Social Work

Thank you for nominating me to serve another term on Staff Council at CLAS! I am excited about the opportunity to serve and represent my fellow staff in this way, and I believe it is essential that CLAS staff have access to elected representation and a role in the leadership of the University of Iowa.

Since the IOWA Challenge (Excel / Stretch / Engage / Choose / Serve) was created, the message has resonated with me. As we try to teach this mindset to UI students, it is important to model this behavior and engage meaningfully in activities that make a difference and lift up our fellow Hawkeyes. Participating on Staff Council is a great way to do that, helping build community, foster communication, and increase positive engagement among a very diverse group of people.

Blake Rupe
Sustainability Program Manager, CLAS Administration

I would like to serve on CLAS Staff Council because I believe in the importance of shared governance structures on campus and would like to serve as a medium of communication between, and within, CLAS and campus units. I also believe there are several strides to embed sustainability measures within programs in CLAS that I would like the opportunity to address as a member of Staff Council. I served on Engineering’s Staff Council for 3 years, my final year of that as President, and will bring this experience and passion to CLAS Staff Council.

Adam Skibbe
Senior Systems Administrator, CLAS Administration

For those of you who don’t know me I am the Senior GIS (Geographic Information Systems… see also mapping and spatial data analysis) Administrator in the department of Geographical and Sustainability Sciences (Geography). I was lucky enough to begin in this position coming up on seven years ago, which allowed me to move back to Iowa from places not named Iowa. I am an Iowa City native, and University of Iowa alum (Anthropology 2002). My mother worked (nearly) her entire career at the UIHC which afforded me some additional familiarity with the University as well as having attended sporting events regularly from the mid-80s until the present. This is all a way for me to say that I love this University, CLAS, and all it offers… it is a part of my being, my personal identity, and my personal and professional development. As a member of the CLAS staff ad-hoc committee I was able to get my feet wet in shared governance, though was not able to see the full implementation of our plan. I welcome this nomination and hope to have the opportunity further engage the shared governance of the college, to work with and engage more with my peers (you… all of you) and final as a chance to give back to the community and offer my abilities and expertise to, hopefully, help guide our involvement and professional needs in a future-forward direction. Thank you for your consideration.

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Nomination and Election Processes

From January 29 through February 5, 2020, CLAS staff will nominate candidates to serve on the CLAS Staff Council.  Those who receive the highest number of nominations and agree to become candidates will appear on the election ballots later in February (see election timeline below).

The CLAS Staff Council shall have eleven members elected from and by the CLAS staff from the  Voting Groups.  Two members shall represent Voting Group I, two members shall represent Voting Group II, one member shall represent Voting Group III, two members shall represent Voting Group IV, and two members shall represent Voting Group V. Two remaining members will be elected by the staff At Large from any Voting Group, but there may be no more than three members from any one Voting Group.

This year there are three member seats to fill.  One member must come from Voting Group IV and two members will be elected At Large from any Voting Group.

You will be able to nominate three staff members from eligible Voting Groups as candidates for election to the CLAS Staff Council for a three year term to begin on June 1, 2020.  

Nomination and Voting

CLAS staff are assigned to one of five electoral groups based upon job function, as shown in the Nomination and Voting List, in which each unit and its staff is listed with the Voting Group in which it belongs:  

  • Voting Group I: Academic Support, Libraries, Information Technology
  • Voting Group II: Administration
  • Voting Group III: Arts Culture & Entertainment, Marketing Communication & Outreach
  • Voting Group IV: Business & Finance, Engineering & Architecture, Facilities, Human Resources
  • Voting Group V: Research, Health Care


January 29, Wednesday

Nomination ballots open, 8 a.m.

February 5, Wednesday

Nomination ballots close, midnight

February 21, Friday

Election ballots and candidate statements published on the website

February 26, Wednesday

Election voting opens, 8 a.m.

March 4, Wednesday

Election voting closes, midnight

March 11, Wednesday

Election results posted on the webpage