Social Services Organization Internship


This internship course provides students with invaluable experience in social services, government, non-profit, and related organizations. Students must secure an internship by the start of the semester of enrollment with an agency that provides services to marginalized or underrepresented communities and which can support supervision of the student for the required field hours. The tasks and responsibilities associated with the internship should enhance the student's educational experience. 

The instructor for this course will help students find a suitable internship and will ultimately approve internship assignments, but students are encouraged to independently pursue opportunities with an agency that is of most interest to their ultimate career goals. 

Once the internship is lined up, students will register for credit in SOC:4920. Students earn 1 s.h. of credit for 50 hours at the agency (e.g., 3 s.h. - 150 hours at agency).

Students are encouraged to confirm internship assignments and schedule prior to the start of the semester. Students receive orientation by agency staff. 

Professor Jennifer Haylett oversees the internship program and is the instructor for the course. 


Students are required to meet every other week during the semester of their internship to discuss their agency and interact with classmates to learn about common issues that may arise within social service organizations. Reflective writing assignments will be due weekly. 

This course is graded S/F. 

Example Sites:

  • Crisis Center of Johnson County
  • Domestic Violence Intervention Program
  • Four Oaks
  • Girls on the Run
  • Shelter House
  • United Action for Youth
  • Iowa City Parks and Recreation
  • Many more……

For a list of ideas, please start here.