Criminology, Law, and Justice Bachelor of Arts requirements

To earn a BA degree in Criminology, Law, and Justice, students must complete a minimum of 39 semester hours of course work in the major. The requirements include:

Introductory Courses - choose 2: 

  • CRIM:1410 Criminology (GE course - Social Sciences)
  • CRIM:1447 Intro the Criminal Justice System
  • SOC:1010 Introduction to Sociology (GE course - SS) OR SOC:1020 Social Problems (GE course - SS)

Required Courses - students must complete them all:

  • SOC:2130 Sociological Theory
  • SOC:2160 Applied Statistics for Social Scientists OR Stats course (STAT:1020, STAT:1030, STAT:2010 STAT:3510, STAT:4143/PSQF:4143)
  • CRIM:2470 Research Methods in Criminology OR SOC:2170 Research Methods 
  • SOC:4910 Capstone Class in Sociology and Criminology OR CRIM:4800 Research Practicum in Criminology OR CRIM:4400 Internship in Criminal Justice and Corrections
  • SOC:4909 Graduation Portfolio (taken in last semester)


BA students complete elective course work in Criminology, Law, and Justice, chosen from CRIM courses offered by the department. Ideally, students will enroll in introductory courses prior to taking upper-level classes to build a foundation in criminology and criminal justice.

Criminology, Law & Justice B.A. course catalog listing

Sociology Requirement 

Students must take one course in sociology to enhance their coursework in Criminology, Law, and Justice. Please view the checklist below for courses that will fulfill this requirement.

Fall 2017 requirements are slightly different than previously listed. Please check to see when you declared and follow the corresponding requirements.

Current major checklist

Program requirements (prior to fall 2017) Major Checklist

Questions about the major? Please contact the departmental advisor.