Bachelor of Arts (BA) Requirements

To earn a BA in Sociology, students must complete a set of core requirements plus electives within the department. Electives are an opportunity to explore different areas within sociology. The requirements include:

Core Courses (15-16 sh) – Required Courses

  • SOC:1010 Introduction to Sociology Principles  (GE course – Social Sciences)
  • SOC:2130 Sociological Theory (Prerequisite: SOC:1010)
  • SOC:2160 Applied Statistics for Social Sciences OR Stats course (STAT:1020, STAT:1030, STAT:2010, STAT:3510, PSQF:4143)
  • SOC:2170 Research Methods (Prerequisites: SOC:1010 and SOC:2160/stats sub)
  • SOC:4910 Capstone Course in Sociology (Prerequisite: SOC:2130, SOC:2160/stats sub, and SOC:2170) OR SOC:4800 Research Practicum in Sociology OR SOC:4920 Social Services Organization Internship
  • SOC:4909 Graduation Portfolio (taken in last semester)


BA students complete elective course work in sociology, chosen from SOC courses offered by the department. Students may include a maximum of 6 sh of criminology (CRIM:xxxx) classes.

Sociology B.A. General Catalog Course Listing

Sociology classes that do not count toward the major include:

  • SOC:1000 - First year seminar
  • SOC:4930 - Teaching Internship
  • SOC:4990 - Directed Individual Study

Students are required to incorporate lower-level courses and upper-level courses (numbered SOC:3000 or higher) to get a good understanding of topics within the major. Two sociology electives, must be taken after (and not concurrent with) the completion of SOC:2130 Sociological Theory and SOC:2170 Research Methods.

Starting in Fall 2017, new majors will be required to earn 36 semester hours, including 7 electives in the major. 

Current major checklist

Previous major requirements (prior to Fall 2017) Major Checklist

Students who have questions should contact the departmental advisor.