Michaela Ruppert

Michaela Ruppert photo
Associate Professor of Instruction; Director of Undergraduate Studies - Criminology
Ph.D. University of Iowa
400F North Hall

Fall 2022 Office Hours
Via Zoom
M: 8:00 - 11:00 am
By appointment

Michaela Ruppert is a criminologist whose teaching and research interests include delinquency, justice, and criminal punishment.  Her dissertation, entitled “Self-Efficacy, Conventional Cognitive Coping, and the Strain-Delinquency Relationship: A Test of General Strain Theory” examines the impact of interpersonal peer relationships and coping resources on juvenile delinquency. This research coincides with Professor Ruppert’s teaching interests, which focus on delinquency, juvenile interventions, and school policy and programming. She also teaches courses on the societal context of drug use and abuse, community-based and institutional corrections, and other current topics in crime and punishment.