Mark Berg

mark berg headshot
Associate Professor
Ph.D. University of Missouri - St. Louis
W126 Seashore Hall (Sociology) & 202 South Quad (Public Policy Center)

Fall 2018 Office Hours:
On research leave

Professor Berg’s primary research and teaching interests include criminology, social psychology, and the social determinants of physical health.  His recent published research examines the dynamics of interpersonal disputes and escalation, the developmental pathways of aggressive behavior, and the life-course determinants of adverse health outcomes. Throughout this research and other work, he has considered the situational, neighborhood ecological and life-course contexts of social behavior and well-being.  His work often relies on multilevel and longitudinal quantitative survey data. The National Institute of Justice funded a recent collaborative project of his to collect representative data on interpersonal conflicts and health.  Professor Berg serves as the Director of the Crime and Justice Policy Research Program at the University of Iowa Public Policy Center.  

Professor Berg is a Fellow-in-Residence at the Obermann Center for Advanced Studies through the fall 2018 semester.