Ethan Rogers

Ethan Rogers photo
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Ph.D. University of Iowa
W23 Seashore Hall (Sociology and Criminology) and 207 South Quadrangle (Public Policy Center)

Spring 2020 Office Hours: 

  • By appointment only


Ethan Rogers is a criminologist whose research and teaching interests include interpersonal conflict and violence, mobilization of the law, criminal justice policy, social capital and neighborhood crime, and rural criminology. His dissertation, “Taking Stock of Third Parties and Violence at Situational and Neighborhood Levels of Analyses,” explores the determinants and effects of third-party involvement during interpersonal disputes as well as the association between community neighboring and crime rates. In his other work, he has considered the association between violence and individual-level determinants, including self-control, honor beliefs, mental health, and verbal conflict. Rogers serves as a Research Associate for the Crime and Justice Policy Research Program at the University of Iowa Public Policy Center.