Undergrad Alum Spotlight


Daisy Torres, a recent graduate, and has begun a career as Iowa City Police Department’s Community Outreach Assistant! She is tasked with building reciprocal connections between ICPD and the broader IC community. You can find out more about her work here.

Michaela Ruppert, one of our amazing Lecturers and graduate of our program, recently sat down with Daisy to discuss her time at UI and advice she has for graduates:

What sort of extracurriculars or activities did you enjoy from your time at Iowa?

As an undergrad, I had a few different activities I really enjoyed. One being the Pen Pal program put on by the Center for Diversity and Enrichment. It was fun to send letters throughout the semester and then meet them in person at the end. Another extracurricular, that I’m not sure is really an extracurricular, was my job at the UI’s Department of Public Safety. It was this job gave me opportunities that I never thought I’d have. This job helped me find a way to what I wanted to do through all mentors I gained and opportunities that came out of it.

How did that relay into your career with the ICPD?

Once I saw that my diverse background made me a good fit for my current job, it was pretty easy to choose where I was going. As the Community Outreach Assistant, one of my main duties is to find out what different sections of the community need from us so we can adapt and change responses to certain situations. I learned a lot of the skills from various experiences in undergrad and it’s now in my current role that I’m getting to refine them and really excel.

Any advice for recent graduates?

The biggest thing that I’m going to suggest, that I really wish someone would have told me, is that if you don’t have a hobby – you need to get one. After I graduated, I didn’t realize that school and all those extracurriculars were my hobby. I didn’t have that anymore and felt kind of lost and bored. Having a hobby also helps keep you sane and your brain active. While you search of jobs or when you get home from work, it’s nice to have something you like doing that isn’t Netflix and sleeping, which were at first my go-tos.


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