Karen Heimer is the New President of the American Society of Criminology

We are thrilled to announce that Dr. Karen Heimer has been elected president of The American Society of Criminology (ASC)!  Karen has been a member of ASC since she was a graduate student and has always been dedicated to the organization. She is honored and delighted to serve!

As president of the ASC, Karen represents the organization to the United States and around the world. Karen will continue working with the ASC Policy Committee and the Criminal Justice Research Alliance, among other groups, to promote the importance of evidence-based research. They are continually orking to effectively communicate criminological research to policy makers and the public. 

Professor Karen Heimer celebrating with graduate students 

Karen has also brought forth new initiatives targeting ethics in the discipline. With these new programs, Karen aims to educate ASC members – especially department chairs across the country – on ethical concerns faced by faculty, students, and staff.

She will lead ASC’s 2018 annual meeting, which will be held in Atlanta this November.  She feels lucky and grateful to have two amazing program co-chairs, Stacy De Coster (University of Iowa Ph.D. 1999, faculty at North Carolina State University) and Lisa Broidy (faculty at University of New Mexico). The theme that Karen chose for the 2018 meetings is “Institutions, Cultures, and Crime.” The meeting will include dialogues with former national government officials, documentary film makers, nationally prominent policy groups, national news writers, and highly visible scholars in cognate social science disciplines (including sociology and history). All of these sessions will focus on the consequences of current institutional, cultural, political and policy changes for crime and criminal justice, with a special emphasis on implications for racial, ethnic, gender, and class disparities.

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