Fall 2021 Undergraduate Research Festival

Wednesday, November 10, 2021 - 4:30pm to 6:30pm
University Capitol Center

The annual Fall Undergraduate Research Festival will be held next week, November 10 from 4:30-6:30pm, and four of our undergraduate students are presenting!

The students are Cecelia Bonilla (working with Dr. Karen Heimer), Sophia Shubatt (working with Dr. Stephanie DiPietro), Theodore Byrnes (working with Dr. Louise Seamster), and Regan Smock (working with Dr. Mary Noonan). Congratulations!

The event will be help in the 2nd Floor Atrium of the Old Capital Mall.


Cecelia Bonilla
Juvenile Justice: The Incarceration of Youth in the U.S.
Major: Criminology
Mentor: Dr. Karen Heimer (Sociology & Criminology)

Sophia Shubatt
Best Practices for Teaching Higher Education in Iowa Prisons
Majors: Criminology, Law, & Justice | Political Science
Mentor: Dr. Stephanie DiPietro (Sociology and Criminology)

Theodore Byrnes
Organizational Email Formality in the Flint Water Crisis
Majors: Chinese | Linguistics (TESL)
Mentor: Dr. Louise Seamster (Sociology & Criminology)


Regan Smock
The Impact of Sexual Assault Prevention Education on Bystander Intervention at Iowa
Major: Sociology
Mentor: Dr. Mary Noonan (Sociology & Criminology)

For more information: https://icru.research.uiowa.edu/events-awards/furf-and-surf-undergraduat...