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Sociology studies principles of social psychology, stratification, and criminology in small groups, private and public organizations, neighborhoods, communities, entire societies, and worldwide.

An undergraduate degree in sociology prepares students for a wide range of careers, including social service, criminal justice, corrections, business, human resources management, applied social research, and secondary education.

The Department of Sociology and Criminology has a strong undergraduate program with outstanding academics and comprehensive career preparation, including careful advising by faculty members. Your work for the sociology major will culminate in a writing/research portfolio that will help you search for a job and apply to graduate school.
As a sociology student, you'll acquire both “soft” and “hard” skills that are in demand in today’s labor market. Soft skills include the abilities to think critically and creatively, communicate, lead, and work with people from diverse backgrounds. Hard skills include the ability to analyze data statistically (e.g., survey and census data), evaluate programs, and communicate statistical results to policymakers.
The department's faculty is especially strong in social psychology, criminology, inequality, organizations, and family/gender studies. U.S.News & World Report ranks the department’s social psychology program third in the nation.

The department has developed four special programs for undergraduates. One focuses on writing skills, another on strengthening international aspects of course work. A third program involves internships in the criminal justice and human services areas, in which you'll earn course credit while gaining work experience. Finally, the major's capstone course will help you prepare to transition from college to work, graduate school, or law school.

The department also collaborates with the departments of economics and philosophy to offer the BA in Ethics & Public Policy, a major that focuses on practical questions about how individuals ought to behave and regulate the behavior of others.


The main office for the Department of Sociology and Criminology is open from 8am-12pm and 12:30pm-4:30pm, Monday through Friday.