Certificate in Resilience and Trauma-Informed Perspectives

New University of Iowa Certificate for Undergraduates in any College. Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Certificate in Resilience and Trauma-Informed Perspectives

The University of Iowa College of Education and School of Social Work jointly sponsor the interdisciplinary Certificate in Resilience and Trauma-Informed Perspectives. The certificate is offered primarily to on-campus students and includes 18 semester hours of coursework: 6 hours of required coursework + 12 hours of electives from an approved list. A GPA of 2.5+ is necessary in classes to be counted toward the certificate.

Although the certificate program is open to any student, the primary audience is undergraduate students from schools and colleges that educate “helping professions” such as Psychology, Social Work, Education, Nursing, and Public Health. It would also be helpful to students from health sciences schools and programs including the College of Medicine, the Physician Assistant Program, and the College of Law. All University of Iowa undergraduate students are eligible to participate.

Preparing our students for their professional fields with a good understanding of trauma, trauma-sensitive responses, and trauma-informed prevention and care is a priority. We believe these skills will be indispensable to our graduates throughout their careers, and deeply beneficial to the individuals whom they serve.

Course Requirements

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Goals of Certificate Program

Students earning this certificate will be able to:

  • Describe Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), and the influence ACEs have on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual outcomes in childhood and adulthood.
  • Identify their own trauma, if any, and learn how to process it to become healthier and more resilient in their own lives.
  • Describe resiliency, its dynamics and ways to strengthen resiliency.
  • Analyze strategies to decrease or eliminate trauma in society, including learning how to create trauma-informed organizations.
  • Understand the impact of ACEs on communities and formulate strategies to prevent ACEs in communities and their field of practice.

Students establish study plans while in the foundations course and in collaboration with the certificate program coordinator. The coordinator approves the final plan and coordinates with the student's advisor in their major to shape a study plan that complements their academic program and career interests. The program coordinator schedules required courses, recommends the sequence in which course work should be taken, and keeps a record of each student's approved program and progress. When a student completes an undergraduate degree and fulfills the requirements for the Certificate in Certificate in Resilience and Trauma-Informed Perspectives, the program notifies the University Registrar, who records completion of the program on the student's transcript.

For more information, contact Yvonne Farley, Clinical Assistant Professor in the University of Iowa School of Social Work, yvonne-farley@uiowa.edu, 515-235-4668.