Aging and Longevity Studies Faculty

MBKMercedes Bern-Klug,  Professor in the School of Social Work  and Director of the Aging and  Longevity Studies Program

Professor Bern-Klug is a faculty member in the School of Social Work.  Research interests include:  long-term care; psychosocial issues in advanced chronic illness; nursing home social work; end-of-life issues; funeral arrangements; demography of population aging.  She is editor of the book, "Transforming Palliative Care in Nursing Homes:  The Social Work Role"  (Columbia University Press).      Professor Bern-Klug's  C.V.  click  here

Courses that Professor Bern-Klug teaches in the Aging and Longevity Studies Program: 

Global Aging  [on-line, asynchronous --  3 minute overview video]   Click HERE for United Nations' Principles for Older Persons--the course is designed around these principles). 

Death & Dying Across the Lifespan- in-person,  selected semesters




mayMay Guo, Associate Professor

Professor Guo is a faculty member in the School of Social Work  Research Interests:  Family gerontology; mental health in later life; intergenerational relations; health disparties; (im)migration; cross-cultural research; social welfare research.  Teaches:  Aging Matters: Introduction to Gerontology [in-person].    Prof. Guo's  C.V.  click here

Richard  MacNeil, PhD, Emeritus Professor 

Rich MacNeil     

Professor MacNeil is an emeritus (retired) faculty member in the Department of Health and Human Physiology.  His areas of scholarly interest is  \Leisure Studies.  He and colleague Michael Teague are co-editors of the book, "Aging & Leisure: Vitality in Later Life" published by Brown and Benchmark. Professor MacNeil teaches "Aging Matters:  Introduction to Gerontology"   asysnchronous and on-line during fall, spring and summer semesters.   Here is an example of his course outline. Professor McNeil's  C.V.

Jean Gordon, PhD.  Associate Professor

Jean Gordon                                                          

Jean Gordon is faculty member in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders.  Her scholarly interests include: She teaches "Aging Matters:  Introduction to Longevity" (click here for an example of the course outline)  at least once per year and also teaches "Communication Disorders and Aging." Professor Gordon's C.V.  click here

Mark Holbrook, PhD 

Mark Holbrook

Professor Holbrook is a member of the Biology Department.  He teaches, "Biology of Aging"  both in-person and on-line.   Click here for sample course outline.Professor Holbrook's  C.V.

Elana Buch, PhD, MSW, Associate Professor 

  Elana Buch

Professor Buch is a member of the Anthropology Department. She conducts research related to home care workers. She teaches, "Anthropology of Aging," "The Anthropology of the Beginnings and Ends of Life,"  and  "Anthropology of Caregiving and Health."     Click HERE for her C.V.

 Julia Pacheco, PhD   Associate Professor

Professor Pacheco is a faculty member in the Political Science Department. Her area of scholarship is health care policy.  She teaches the "Politics of Aging"  class both in-person and on-line.    Click here for her  C.V.

Brian Kaskie, PhD  Associate Professor

Brian Kaskie

Professor Kaskie is a faculty member in the College of Public Health. His scholarly interests include mental health policy,  Medicare and Medicaid.  He teaches "Psychology of Aging"  in-person usually in the spring semester and "Medicare and Medicaid Policy" every other year.      Click here for his CV.

Sara Sanders, PhD, MSW  Professor

sara sanders

Professor Sanders is a faculty member in the School of Social Work.Her scholarly interests include:  Dementia, end-of-life, and  care for prisoners. She teaches "Death & Dying" in-person, in the fall.  Click here for her C.V.

David Gould, MA

David Gould

Professor Gould is an administrator in the Belin-Blank Center and teaches "Mapping the Creative Legacy" in the Aging & Longevity Studies Program 

Click here for his C.V.