Certificate in Aging and Longevity Studies

NOTE: The "Aging Studies Program" at the University of Iowa has been renamed the "Aging & Longevity Studies Program" effective January 2017. The new name will be phased in during the spring semester of 2017 and will fully replace the former name by August 2017. 

Click HERE for a 3 minute video overview of the Certificate in Aging and Longevity Studies.

Students successfully completing 18 semester hours of approved coursework who have also completed the requirements for an undergraduate degree will be awarded a certificate by the Registrar and an entry will be made on the student's transcript indicating completion of the requirements for the Aging and Longevity Studies Program.  

  1. Internship Packet  --  click here  PDF.   (also available as a Word document)
  2. Checklist to help you keep track of ALSP Certifcate requirements
    1.   Certifcate checklist for undergraduate students
    2.   Certificate checklist for graduate students
    3.   Certificate checklist for NURSING students
    4.    MINOR checklist for undergraduate students 
    5.   MINOR checklist  for NURSING undergraduate  students
    6.      MSW- Social Work students specializing in Aging

Course Requirements

The Certificate in Aging requires 18 semester hours of approved aging-related courses. 
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Course Requirements
Note Course Name Semester Hours


Aging Matters:  Introduction to Gerontology (formerly: Basic Aspects of Aging).  This course introduces the student to the field of "aging studies" sometimes called "gerontology."  It is an overview course.  It is recommended that students take this class FIRST before taking other Aging & Longevity Studies Program courses. This course is a "General Education"  geared toward undergraduate students.     The course is available  on-line fall, spring and summer semesters, and in-person at least once per academic year.

NOTE: Graduate students are strongly discouraged from enrolling in this class because it won't count toward your graduate degree.  Please contact the ASP director to learn about the alternate course available only for graduate students who are enrolled in the ASP certificate program. 

3 s.h.


Global Aging (on-line) with Associate Professor Mercedes Bern-Klug (2 minute video overview of Global Aging class) or Anthropology of Aging (in-person) with Assistant Professor Elana Buch. Usually one of these classes is offered at least once per academic year.

3 s.h.


Psychology of Aging ( available online with Patricia Elkington (nurse/social worker).

3 s.h.


Biology of Aging (available in-person generally in the fall, or online generally in the spring with Dr. Mark Holbrook).

3 s.h.


*Taken after 9 s.h. minimum completed

Internship and Seminar in Aging  (combined into one,  3-credit class) is only for students who are completing the Certificate in Aging & Longevity Studies. If your major requires a supervised field experience that provides a gerontological experience, we will consider accepting that experience as fulfilling this requirement toward the Aging & Longevity Studies Certificate. The internship and seminar is available in the fall and spring semesters; the student helps to design the experience. Special permission from the ASP director is required to enroll.  Completion of the core requirements is a pre (or co) requiste to being eligible to enroll in the Internship and Seminar.   (Please note--the seminar is mostly synchronous and on-line.)


Click  HERE  for a 3 minute video about the INTERNSHIP

Internship Packet  click HERE

3 sem hours




Options for Aging & Longevity Studies Program electives change each semester. Look for classes cross-listed with the Aging Studies Program to fulfill this requirement.

3 s.h. 



 18 hours

 A grade point average of at least 2.0 is required in all coursework applied toward the certificate and/or minor.