Kara Carter, MSW, LMSW

Kara Carter, MSW, LMSW
PhD Student
MSW, University of Georgia; BSW, University of Iowa
Research Interests: 
End-of-life care, traumatic loss, unanticipated loss, parental loss as a child, bereavement, carried grief, moral injury, loneliness, isolation, rural health disparities, and rural aging.

I am interested in studying issues pertaining to end-of-life with an emphasis on the unique characteristics of rurality.  I plan to examine the upstream drivers of health disparities and mesosystem level interventions that promote health equity.

My professional experience began in the non-profit realm, providing advocacy services within a domestic violence shelter.  I began to see how loss comes in many forms, and people respond in very different ways.  While working at the Iowa City VA Health Care System I became interested in post-traumatic stress and post-deployment adjustment.  Happenstance led me to hospice, the most rewarding social work role I have had.  Hospice rounded out my views of grief and loss, unveiling the idea that it is humanly possible to have "good grief."