Resources for Nursing Home Social Workers


Please join us online for a series of presentations related to long-term care and social work. The target audience for this series is researchers. Advocates, educators, and practitioners are welcome! These meetings will take place using ZOOM.  There is no registration and no CEUs.

Internet connection: By clicking the link to the ZOOM site, participants can join the meeting with audio and video through their computer at no cost. (You will be asked to download an app to run ZOOM on your computer, tablet, or smartphone). Plan to join the meeting 10 minutes before start time to make sure your equipment is working. If you encounter problems, try a different browser.

Telephone: Participants have the option of joining by telephone only (toll call). (If you are unable to download the ZOOM app—plan to join by phone).

Hand-outs of the presentation, links to the meetings and a recording of the session are posted below, as the material becomes available.