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Federal Proposed Rule Changes for LTC Facilities

On July 16, 2015 the Federal Register published 100 pages of proposed rule changes to requirements for LTC facilities that accept Medicare and/or Medicaid.  The public was invited to comment on those proposed rule changes.

The proposed rule changes are the most sweeping proposed changes in the operation of LTC facilities in the past 25 years.

Many of the proposed changes would affect  access to psychosocial care for NH residents and the practice of nursing home social work.

The National Nursing Home Social Work Network's  POLICY COMMITTEE  is working to prepare a response to the proposed rule changes.


Click HERE to go to read the Federal Register, July 16, 2015. 

Click HERE for the Federal Register document saved as a search-able Word document.

Click HERE for the National Nursing Home Social Work Network's summary table of areas of special interest to social workers and others concerned with psychosocial care.

Click HERE to listen to a recording of our webinar explaining what is going on and how to submit comments with impact. (webinar slides are HERE)

Click HERE for a summary table prepared by the CONSUMER  VOICE not-for-profit advocacy organization --  "side by side of current and proposed".

Click HERE for the CSWE Social Work competencies.


According to CMS, there are six major themes in the proposed rule changes:

  1. Person Centered-Care
  2. Quality
  3. Facility Assessment
  4. Competency-Based Approach
  5. Alignment with HHS Priorities
  6. Comprehensive Review and Modernization, Implementation of Legislation

Click HERE for a recording of the phone call CMS hosted to help people better understand their call for comments on proposed rule changes.