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We are not able to provide CEU's,  however-- persons who register for and attend the LIVE webinar may request a "Certificate of Attendance" be emailed to them, when they complete the evaluation form following the webinar.  Certificates will be emailed within two weeks.   The certificate will contain the title of the presentation, the name of the person who "attended" and the total number of minutes "attended."  This information is from the registration form.

Anyone interested in learning more about these issues is welcome to watch the recorded sessions at no cost. The recordings are posted on the Past Webinars page and can be  "streamed"  (watch on your computer without having to actually download the file).

If this is the first time you are using WEBEX you will need to download a "temporary app."  You will be led through this the first time you try to join a WebEx webinar, so please start the process at least 20 minutes before your first WebEx webinar.   This app should not affect your firewall.  After you download the app, you may need to restart your computer.  If you use the same computer for future WebEx webinars, you will not need to keep doing this.   You will  be able to watch the webinar and listen to the webinar over your computer, so make sure you have your speakers on or a head set plugged in. If you have trouble with getting on to the webinar site and you are using "Internet Explorer" try switching to "Firefox"  or "Google" or vice versa.   Please practice with your headset ahead of time so you know how to adjust the volumne, etc.  If you have a question or a comment during the webinar, please use your keyboard to type it in the "Q & A"  box. Thank you for completing the registration form and the evaluation form (both are short!).  This information helps us plan future webinars.


Thank you for all you do to assist nursing home residents and their family and friends!    

Thank you to the Retirement Research Foundation for their support in making these webinars possible:


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