Scholarships, Awards, & Financial Aid

The Scholarship/Awards Committee is responsible for announcing, selecting, and disbursing the following scholarships in the School of Social Work. (Links to application forms will be provided when the application period opens.)

Each award is announced on student listservs, and in class as appropriate. Application materials are made available in each center as applicable. Recipients are recognized at the graduation ceremony in May.

Constance Swank Fund for Aging Research   Deadline is February 24, 2021
The Constance Swank Fund for Aging Research provides support to graduate students conducting applied research in aging, including but not limited to work in gerontology, geriatrics, public policy, communications, social sciences, or humanities.  Such research should advance our understanding of aging and enhance programs and policies that contribute to the independence and life quality of individuals in their later years.

Callie Ann Hall Award in Social Work 
The Callie Ann Hall Award in Social Work will be given annually to support a social work graduate student who is conducting research on the impacts of chemical dependency, its prevention and treatment. Application deadline is April 2.  Examples of the types of activities that will be supported are funding of field research, travel to professional meetings and/or conferences, data processing and student financial need.  Award is received the following September.

Megan Sloss Scholarship
Megan Sloss was a second-year MSW student at the University of Iowa when she died suddenly on September 18, 2016.  To honor Megan, a $1,000 scholarship has been created in her name, in order to pass her legacy to aspiring social workers.  Preference will be given to those who aspire to work in the mental health field, rural mental health, and/or with children; financial need will also be considered.  Application deadline is April 2.  The award will be disbursed in the fall semester of the student's advanced year in the MSW program.

Lola Moeller Zook & Leslie G. Moeller Community Service Award
One annual award of up to $1,000 is made to an MSW student who is studying, is active in, or intends to pursue employment in the field of community service. Scholarship announcement is made April 1.  Application deadline is April 2. The award is received the following September.

Dianne Orton & Stephen Grant Orton Scholarship
MSW students who are entering their second year of Master’s program and show an interest in medical social work are eligible to receive this award. Special consideration will be given to a student doing his/her placement at University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics in the Department of Pediatrics with an interest in pediatric asthma and/or allergies.  Application deadline is April 2.  Selection is made on or about April 20th with disbursement of the award to be made to the student's University account the following September.

Janice Baumback Scholarship Award
One $1,000 annual award made to an MSW student taking advanced courses (who are entering into their second year if full time).  Scholarship announcement is made by April 1.  Application deadline is April 2. Decision is made by May 1st and recipient is notified via letter. The award is received the following September.

Mildred J. Snider Memorial Scholarship  
One $1,000 annual award made to a social work graduate student based on career aspirations in policy development and research and scholastic potential.  Application deadline is April 2; decision made by May 1. The award is received the following September.

John Craft Excellence in Research Award
This award is made to honor the memory of John Craft, former Professor of Research at the School of Social Work. Excellence in student research in the area of child welfare is recognized with a monetary gift to one undergraduate and one graduate student. Application deadline is April 2. The award is received in May.

The Former Faculty Scholarship           
The Former Faculty Scholarship is given annually to one undergraduate (BA Social Work) student and one graduate (MSW) student. Each $500 Scholarship is awarded from funds that have been donated to the School in memory of deceased faculty along with donations from faculty, current and former students and friends of retiring faculty to honor their contributions to the School during their tenure.  A committee of former faculty members determined that this scholarship should not be solely based on academic excellence but include students who have a diverse array of experiences, cultures, interesting extracurricular experiences and who are futuristic oriented people.  Application deadline is April 2.  The award is received in May.

Questions about above scholarships/awards, please contact:

Additional Scholarship Resources (click to view additional resources)

Graduate Assistantships 

The School of Social Work offers graduate teaching assistantships as departmental budgets and state appropriations allow. Assistantship positions are quarter-time (10 hours per week) and are located in Iowa City unless otherwise indicated.

Teaching assistants assist faculty with course instruction. Duties may include providing assistance in conducting library searches, test preparation, grading assignments and/or tests, lecture preparation, coordination of field or volunteer activities, and conducting review sessions. Qualifications include completion of prerequisite courses and the ability to communicate verbally and in writing. Some courses require more specific duties and/or qualifications. Detailed information for each teaching assistant position will be available in the packet of application materials, when the application period opens. The following courses typically have a teaching assistant assigned: Social Justice and Social Welfare in US, Social Welfare Policy and Practice, Discrimination Oppression Diversity, Social Work Processes, Introduction to Social Work Research, Research Methods, Computer Lab, Advanced Social Work Research, Aging Studies Program. Description of Assistantships posted here when available.

Graduate Assistantship Positions Announcement for 2021-22

Ad for Graduate Assistantships 2021-22

Application Form 2021-22 - Graduate Assistantships

Applications may be acquired from the Social Work Student Services Center (308 NH / 319-335-1250) and materials should be returned to Chuck Wieland, Operations Administrator, Room 308 North Hall. Please feel free to contact Mr. Wieland at 335-1263 or if you have any questions regarding these assistantships.

The terms and conditions of employment, including but not limited to wages and benefits, in these positions are governed by a collective bargaining agreement between the Board of Regents, State of Iowa, and UE Local 896/COGS, the union representing graduate teaching and research assistants at the University of Iowa.  Copies of this collective bargaining agreement will be provided upon your appointment and may be viewed either from the University web site: or from the Union web site:

University of Iowa Support

The Graduate College awards fellowships for incoming students, dissertation-year fellowships, summer fellowships, and travel awards.

For MSW students seeking summer financial aid, it is important to know three things:

  1. Summer financial aid is tied to the previous fall/spring FAFSA so for summer students in 2021 they need to file the 2020-21 FAFSA.
  2. Students need to be registered for summer classes before they can apply for summer financial aid in MyUI.
  3. Once students have filed the FAFSA and are registered they can fill out the summer financial aid application found in MyUI (under the financial aid tile).

Summer Financial Aid Application MYUI Path

Login to MYUI >Click Financial Aid & Billing at top >Click Summer Award Application under Financial Aid menu

External Pre- and Post-Doctoral Support

For information about funding for social work doctoral education, including dissertation support, from outside the University of Iowa, visit

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