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The current cohort is no longer accepting admissions.  The next cohort is proposed to begin in Summer 2022.

For MSW students seeking summer financial aid, it is important to know three things:

  • Summer financial aid is tied to the previous fall/spring FAFSA; for summer students in 2020, they need to file the 2019-20 FAFSA.
  • Students need to be registered for summer classes before they can apply for summer financial aid in MyUI.
  • Once students have filed the FAFSA and are registered they can fill out the summer financial aid application found in MyUI (under the financial aid tile).



group photo of Quad Cities students in the MSW cohort 2019
Quad Cities MSW Cohort 2019 - 2022

Since 1968, The University of Iowa School of Social Work has offered a part-time program in the Quad Cities. It is administered by the School of Social Work in cooperation with the Division of Continuing Education. The program is fully accredited by the Council on Social Work Education and is structured so that a cohort of about 30 students is admitted once every three years.  The current cohort began in May 2019.

Students register for an average of two courses each semester, and complete the degree in three years. Scheduling is structured to assist working students with most courses offered after 5:00 pm or through intensive formats. Students may take up to 12 hours of electives prior to admission with permission. 

The Quad Cities has an extensive network of social workers who can serve as practicum and course instructors. Students from diverse academic and experiential backgrounds are valued and actively recruited by the program. A history of engagement in human services and cross cultural perspectives is desirable.

Classes are held at Scott Community College, 500 Belmont, in Bettendorf, IA. For a map of campus and parking, click here. The office address is: The University of Iowa School of Social Work-Quad Cities, Scott Community College, 1108B, 500 Belmont Rd, Bettendorf, IA 52722

Here is what some recent graduates have to say about the program:

  • “My favorite part about the Quad Cities MSW Program is the cohort bonding and the classes, Jeanne Saunders was my favorite teacher,” said Delveau, “Right away this program has helped keep me employed, opened doors for the future, and has given me the opportunity to work in hospice.” -- Kimberly Delveau
  • “My favorite part about the Quad Cities MSW Program is my classmates, there is a great group dynamic in the classroom and I would love to work with any of my classmates,” said Barnes, The full time University of Iowa structure is really good, the adjunct professors are good overall, and all course management sites work well. This program made it possible for me to hold onto my current job as well as explore more opportunities such as the possibility of pursuing a PHD in social work.” -- Patrick Barnes
  • “My favorite part about the Quad Cities MSW Program is the fellowship of the students. We are a very diverse group, which brings a different perspective to the coursework. Overall the Quad Cities MSW program has met my needs, it is very flexible and I like a majority of the professors. I am doing my practicum right now, which I like because it will give me opportunities in the future. -- Joan Blair-Dick

Mary Newcomb   “Part-time non-traditional students are incredibly insightful, passionate and committed.  It is a privilege to work with them as they prepare for their next steps in our amazing profession.” -- Mary Newcomb, Field Administrator

We are always interested in talking to prospective students for the next cohort. Please contact Tomeka Petersen for further information: ssw-admissions@uiowa.edu


* When could I join the program?

The 2019-2022 cohort began in May 2019.  The next cohort is proposed to start in Summer 2022, we will begin recruiting for it in Spring 2021.  For more information on applying, or the kinds of preparations you might want to do, go to Admission page.

Contact Steve Cummings for more information about the Quad Cities MSW program: stephen-cummings@uiowa.edu.  You may contact the School's Admissions Coordinator Tomeka Petersen: ssw-admissions@uiowa.edu for further information about the online application process.

* Are there any classes I can take now?

Yes. You can take courses for graduate credit that can be applied to the elective requirements in our program. Up to 12 credits can be taken with us before you are admitted to the program as long as you are being advised by School of Social Work faculty or staff. 

* If I take electives, will that shorten the program when I join?

No. Required courses are sequenced such that you cannot accelerate when you receive your MSW. 

* Where are your classes held?

Classes utilizing on-site instructors are taught at Scott Community College, 500 Belmont Rd. in Bettendorf, IA. More courses are “blended,” involving a mix of in-person and online sessions (in real-time or asynchronously). Some courses, particularly electives, are available completely online. MSW students experience a blend of in-person and online approaches, allowing for both one-on-one contact with instructors and linkage to other University of Iowa School of Social Work program sites and professors, including those in Des Moines, Iowa City, and Sioux City.

* When are your classes held?

Face-to-face and real-time online classes are usually held at night or on weekends. The schedule is created to be as accommodating as possible to students with work and/or family obligations.

* I don’t have a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work. Can I get a Master’s degree in Social Work (MSW)?                        

Yes.  Many people enter the MSW program without a BA in Social Work. People with BA in Social Work complete 48 credit hours to get their MSWs. People without a BA in Social Work complete a 60-hour program.

Questions about the application process?  Contact:  ssw-admissions@uiowa.edu