Intern Placement Tracking (IPT) Data Management System

The University of Iowa School of Social Work uses a web-based data management system called Intern Placement Tracking (IPT), an online service for students, field instructors and placement agencies. This system is a way to maintain and share information about partnering agencies, supervisors, and students as well as track student learning activities from semester to semester.

This system helps students, field instructors, and agencies communicate and stay connected during the placement process. Because of this, it is important to become familiar with IPT and keep all information entered about you or your agency current.


Go to IPT. Organization ID: UISSW.

Your default username and password will be provided to you by the School of Social Work via email. If you have questions about your username and password, please contact the administrator in your center.

Download instructions for more information on filling out your IPT profile and creating or evaluating the learning contract:

Benefits of IPT

  • Allows students to research potential placement opportunities
  • Allows agencies to describe learning opportunities in order to give students a better idea of which placements best match their interests and learning styles
  • Facilitates communication between students, agencies, and field instructors
  • Improves communication between The School of Social Work, students, and agencies
  • Provides field instructors with a resource to easily access student information
  • Reduces paperwork and provides easy access to information for tracking and archiving

Privacy Notice

While IPT is a web-based field education software program, it is secure. Your personal information cannot be located through online search engines. When you first login to the program, you will use a default username and password. After signing in, however, you will be prompted to create a personal, confidential log-in code for added security. Your information in the software is viewed by the designated staff within the Field Education program only.

If you have any concerns about your privacy using the software or anything else regarding IPT, please contact the Field Education faculty at your center.