Requirements (Graduate)

Hours:  1 credit = 70 hours in placement. Foundation requires a minimum of 3 credits = 210 hours. Advanced requires a minimum of 10 credits = 700 hours, with a minimum of 5 credits each term. You may take up to 12 credits in Advanced Practicum.

Supervision:  At least one hour per week of direct supervision by a social worker possessing a MSW and at least two years post-MSW work experience.

Location:  Placement sites should be within a 50-mile radius of Des Moines, Iowa City, the Quad-Cities, and Sioux City. Placements outside these UISSW centers are permitted only in extraordinary circumstances and require Field Administrator approval.

Dates:  Your placement begins and ends with the official University calendar for that semester you are enrolled. You may start placement on the first day of class and must conclude by the end of Finals Week, unless you contact your Field Administrator for an extension or incomplete. If required by your agency, you may begin training prior the start of classes but cannot engage in any service delivery or client interaction until the semester begins. Special note for Advanced students only: you may engage in placement over the winter interim between the Fall and Spring semester, if you and your agency choose.

Download an expanded overview of placement requirements.