Statement of Inclusivity

At the School of Social Work, we seek to engage in constructive, respective dialogue as personal values are challenged in the process of developing a professional social work identity.  We seek to respectfully engage with others who are different from ourselves in the classroom and the community, regardless of our personal values.

Therefore we expect that applicants accepting admission will join faculty and staff in this effort, and will:

  • Encourage and welcome diversity in all aspects of campus and community life.
  • Address social justice issues that affect human beings as a consequence of oppression, poverty, marginalization and alienation because of the intersection of multiple factors, including those identified by CSWE: class, color, culture, disability, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, immigration status, political ideology, race, sex, sexual orientation and religious, non-religious, or spiritual beliefs.
  • Refrain from prejudicial language and discriminating behavior and challenge stereotypes when others speak in derogatory generalizations.
  • Agree that hate speech or actions are not tolerated in the School.
  • Foster intercultural dialogues, examine individual biases, and critically analyze intersections of privilege and oppression.
  • Expand understanding of cultural diversity by exploring other cultures through rigorous academic study and participating in/supporting community events.  
  • Demonstrate empathy in a culturally sensitive manner, to listen, and work to solve problems peacefully.
  • Create a community that is a safe environment for all.

Adhere to program policies articulated in the Social Work Student Handbook (including the professional competencies articulated by CSWE in the Educational Policy Statement).