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Tuesday, January 7, 2020

The University of Iowa School of Journalism and Mass Communication (SJMC) added a new Marketing Communications Role in 2019 to regularly promote accomplishments and endeavors of our alumni, faculty, staff and students! We hired Jaime Bell to fill this role in April 2019 and have already seen benefits of adding the position.

 Jaime Bell UI Marketing & CommunicationsJaime Bell has a strong background in marketing, strategic communications and public relations. She received her undergraduate degree in Graphic Design (BFA) at Colorado State University in 2001, and after more than a decade in the marketing industry, returned to the academic world and obtained a Master of Science (MS) in Journalism & Mass Communication at Iowa State University in 2014.  When asked about taking on the role, Jaime said, “I am thrilled to be a part of the University of Iowa, in a role so fitting for me. I have had plenty of practice overcoming challenges in the corporate world. I have experienced firsthand being a student and alum of a Journalism & Mass Communication school.  Therefore, I have a lot of insight to bring that I’m eager to apply to the various audiences involved.” With over 15 years of professional networking experience in media and other industries, we are confident Jaime will continue to be a crucial part of building awareness of our school and its capabilities, as well as assisting graduating students and alumni with connections in the field.

Jaime is developing and executing a strategic, coherent marketing plan for our school by engaging our core constituencies across a variety of media. She strives to engage the broader public with outreach projects as well as serving as liaison between our school and campus-wide branding and communications.  Jaime also manages our internal events and promotions, including but not limited to our bi-annual newsletter, social and digital media, events, interviews, website updates, working closely with our Professional Advisory Board (PAB) and other alumni, and implementing the Merit Pages program for students.

Iowa Journalist Winter/Spring 2019
Our own Iowa Journalist Alumni Magazine, written and published since the 1970s, is now going to be the Iowa Journalist digital newsletter in 2020 and beyond. “Media today has become so much more than print journalism that we needed something to be able to showcase multi-media projects to our subscribers and the public simultaneously,” Jaime added.  The digital Iowa Journalist will be able to include students’ video projects and podcast interviews with alumni in the field, faculty research, current students and their accomplishments and visiting professionals, for example.


University of Iowa Journalism & Mass Comm

Jaime has also begun implementing our new LinkedIn page. “In just 9 short months, we went from zero to 713 followers!” Jaime added, “When I was brought to the team, I was surprised I couldn’t find a LinkedIn page for the school. I created one so SJMC alumni can stay connected, and new graduates can easily reach out to others already in the field for guidance through networking. I can’t stress how important networking is today.” Of our current followers, 277 are alumni of the school. These numbers continue to grow!  If you are a graduate and haven’t yet connected, please get yourself listed on our LinkedIn alumni page. Need help? Contact for detailed instructions.