Daily Iowan TV Celebrates 10 Years

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daily iowan tv celebrates 10 years
Thursday, October 8, 2015

(photo courtesy of Daily Iowan TV)

Between 2005 and 2015, Daily Iowan TV underwent a long series of changes but the organization’s ability to teach valuable skills remains constant. “The real mark of success isn’t just that the program is going, but that the people who come out of it are doing well,” DITV coach Charles Munro said. As a coach, he makes suggestions for improving the show but leaves decision making to the students.

“It’s entirely student-run and I think the biggest thing aside from the daily experience is that over the 10 years, a lot of the students have learned how to fix things that aren’t going right themselves,” Munro said.

Munro said over the 10 years, one of the biggest changes he’s noticed is the students’ ability to understand digital technology. In 2005, he said, there were no multimedia courses in the School of Journalism & Mass Communication. Now there is a variety.

Additionally, students are already accustomed to making and sharing images and videos.“They come in much further along,” Munro said. “Now what we have to then do is take those skills and then turn them into storytelling skills. I see students doing some really great things digitally that were difficult to do before the digital age.”

The look of the production also changed drastically over time. In the past, students filmed the show against a plain grey background. Green screen technology allowed them greater flexibility in the last several years. Anchors now appear to be seated at a large wooden desk with the Pentacrest in the background.

Current news director Brianna Jett emphasized the amount of effort students with full schedules continue to put into DITV. “People put a whole lot of work into this place. This is not just a part time job — it’s always on your mind — and I know everyone here has a full-time schedule. It’s hard to balance it, but everyone here tries incredibly hard and does amazing work. It’s just a really great place to be at and see how far we’ve come in 10 years.”

Jett said the DITV staff has a few changes in store.

This year DITV plans to debut a new teleprompter system that can send out timed tweets throughout the newscast, an updated set of graphics, and live-streaming capabilities. “We are working really hard to make sure that the technology keeps up with our evolving skill,” Jett said.