Heyden Enochson

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Heyden Enochson University of Iowa Strategic Communications
Graduation Date:
MA-SC Spring ’19

One-part designer. One-part writer. One-part marketer. All parts strategic communicator.

Heyden Enochson is a self-proclaimed communications nerd who loves connecting people through thoughtful strategy, functional design, and communication best-practices. He leans on data, thoughtful UX, and above all else, the power of teamwork to help brands and businesses turn good ideas into ones that are 'truly sick'.

Heyden took to the University of Iowa MA-SC program because of its practical application into his everyday world as a strategic communications manager for a small software company based in Reno, Nevada. Embodying the, “Learn It Today, Apply it Tomorrow,” motto, Heyden applied the tools and information provided during the program into his everyday workflow.

After a whirl-wind of two years which included his coursework for the MA-SC program, working full-time, getting married, and relocating to the pacific northwest, Heyden credits the University of Iowa for being well-positioned for his career in strategic communications.

 “If you’re thinking about dipping your toes into the University of Iowa MA-SC, just jump in feet first instead. It’s an amazing program designed to give you tools and skills that will become invaluable in your toolbox as a communicator.” – Heyden Enochson

 You can see his portfolio of work at www.HeydenEnochson.com