Helen Haacker

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Helen Haacker University of Iowa Strategic Communication
Graduation Date:
MA ‘19

Helen Haacker is the communications manager for the internal learning and development function (UL University) of UL. Currently located in the Chicagoland area, she has 8 years of experience communicating for the safety science and adult education industries. With a passion for making people feel like they are in the best job they have ever had, she is dedicated to creating communication materials that facilitate learning, increase collaboration across departments, and support leaders in deciding the best way to share important messages. 

Helen studied creative writing as her concentration for her BA in English at the University of Iowa. Now, with her MA in strategic communications, she couples her writing skills with best practices from the PR, marketing, and digital media disciplines. Haacker believes there is one rule to live by when communicating: we should share what the audience wants and needs to know, not what we want to share ourselves. Listening is powerful, transparency is essential, and well crafted messages can make all the difference.

In her free time, Helen loves to travel with her husband and write creative fiction. Her favorite place to be is Howth, Ireland, but any chance to meet new people and learn about a new culture will get her packing in a heartbeat!