Cheyenne Foran

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Cheyenne Foran University of Iowa Journalism and Mass Communication
Graduation Date:
MA ‘18

Cheyenne Foran is a storyteller of sorts. Through her education and professional work experience, Cheyenne has latched on to the idea that everyone and everything has a story to tell. However, every story is not told the same way – and strategically finding a way to convey that story to a variety of audiences and platforms is what constantly keeps things exciting, innovative and new!

Currently, Cheyenne is the Talent Acquisition and Social Engagement Program Manager at HARMAN International, where she is responsible for developing and activating the global talent brand and social media strategy that will help the company attract top talent. She focuses her time on identifying new ways to share the employer brand story and engage with potential and current employees in the digital space.

Prior to HARMAN, Cheyenne was part of TRW Automotive, which was acquired by ZF Friedrichshafen AG in 2015, where she held roles in both Talent Acquisition and Corporate Communications. In both capacities, Cheyenne worked on developing the corporate social media and HR Marketing strategy for the company globally. Cheyenne enjoys working at companies with strong engineering and technology talent, where she can act as a STEM communicator – telling the stories of those who are innovating the future.

Cheyenne received her Master of Arts in Strategic Communications from the University of Iowa in 2018. Throughout the degree program, she places emphasis on her classes and experiences that centered on digital marketing, branding and strategic campaigns & storytelling. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations and Advertising from the Pennsylvania State University (Penn State) in 2014.

Although Cheyenne resides in Farmington Hills, Michigan, she is originally from Central Pennsylvania. Both Cheyenne and her husband, Sam, moved to “The Mitten” to pursue career opportunities within the automotive and technology industries. In her personal time, Cheyenne still enjoys exploring and utilizing social media channels, especially if it involves sharing the daily adventures of her two dogs, attempts at being a Michigander or of her child, Windsor.