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Aadit Tambe

SJMC Ambassadors Spotlight

Growing up in India, telling stories was always Aadit Tambe’s (Journalism and Mass Communication ‘20) dream. In order to pursue his passion for journalism, Aadit wanted to create a strong educational platform for himself. The open-mindedness of his family gave him the opportunity to pursue his college education in the United States.

When 6 universities in the United States offered him admission, Aadit picked the University of Iowa because it is deemed to be the writing university.

“When I first came to Iowa, I had butterflies in my stomach. I had never lived alone before, and doing so in a new country seemed like a daunting adventure. Coming from Mumbai, a city with population of 12 million people, Iowa City seemed unnaturally small.”

But when Aadit set foot on campus in 2016, he knew that there was nowhere else he would rather be.

“As soon as I got here, the city gave a welcoming vibe, there was something in Iowa City that made me feel that I belonged here. The campus had a cozy feel and I fell in love with the people and the values they shared.”

Finding opportunities to get involved at Iowa was not difficult. Aadit initially wanted to get into broadcast journalism and television news. He worked for The Daily Iowan TV’s technical team. While working for DITV, however, Aadit discovered that TV News was not for him.

Aadit started working as a News Reporter for The Daily Iowan to explore his love for writing and storytelling. He focused on covering the Health and Science beat his first year.

“This is when I realized that I wanted to become a writer and work in the news media. There was nothing I enjoyed more than writing as a medium to tell stories.”

He now focuses on writing in-depth issue-based stories for The DI. Aadit also works as Digital Producer for The DI, being a member of a 5-person team that manages the website and social media.

Aadit’s second area of study is German. Having German as an extra-curricular subject in high-school, Aadit enjoyed learning the language. After coming to Iowa, he decided to have a concentration in German.

To future hawkeyes, Aadit says, “get involved on campus. Iowa has a wealth of organizations that can help you gain real-world experience. It all depends on your level of initiative and your drive. These four years are not going to come back. So, before going to bed every night, make sure there was something in your day that you gave your best.”