Troy Melhus

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Troy Melhus University of Iowa Journalism Professional Advisory Board
Professional Advisory Board
Director of Communications
BA 1992

Troy Melhus is currently the Director of Communications for the Association of Metropolitan School Districts, a consortium of 48 Twin Cities school districts, in Saint Paul, Minn. He has been a senior editor for / Huffington Post Media Group, was a digital editor and reporter for 10 years for the Star Tribune in Minneapolis, was a national movie critic for Gannett News Service, a features reporter for the Des Moines Register and was the co-creator of the first newspaper on the web in North Dakota,, in 1994. His work has appeared in books and more than two dozen newspapers including the New York Times. He is a 1992 graduate of the University of Iowa School of Journalism.

Company Name:
Association of Metropolitan School Districts
Saint Paul, MN