Sujatha Sosale

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Sujatha Sosale
Associate Professor
W329 AJB
Office Hours:
Spring 2020: Tuesday 12:30-2:00, Wednesday 1:30-3, or by appointment
PhD 1998, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

What is Sujatha’s story? 

Sujatha Sosale is interested in media development and social change in Global South countries, with a focus on South Asia and the southern Indian Ocean Rim. She has published in the areas of news and public affairs reporting about contemporary development, trade agreements in the news, national identity and news discourse at critical historical junctures, the political economy of the development of media technologies in colonial contexts, and media technology use in contemporary urban contexts. Her current research examines the development of mobile technologies in a rural region in South India.

Prior to coming to the United States, Sujatha lived in Bangalore, India, and studied in Bangalore University. She has worked as a copywriter in media industries, writing for a variety of media, for commerical as well as public service campaigns, and as a freelance journalist contributing to regional and local dailies and weeklies on public affairs and the arts. 

At The University of Iowa, Sujatha teaches a variety of courses on communication and change, political economy, research methods, and social media. Sujatha has served as Director of Graduate Studies at the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. She now serves on the International Studies Advisory Board and is coordinator of the Development Track in the International Studies BA program of the College of Liberal Arts and Scienes. Sujatha also serves as an elected member of the University of Iowa Faculty Senate. She has served as Head of the International Communication Section of the International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR), 2007-2012.


  • JMC:1000  First Year Seminar, Watching the World: Topics in Global News
  • JMC:1500  Social Media Today
  • JMC:3510  Audience Engagement: Marketing Research
  • JMC:3116/IS:3116  Media and Global Cultures
  • JMC:3185  Topics in Mass Communication, Community Communication and International Development
  • JMC:3185  Topics in Mass Communication, Multimedia Storytelling and Development: India (Study Abroad)
  • JMC 5235  Strategic Communication Research
  • JMC:6210  Social Science Theories of the Media
  • JMC:6320  Media Research Methods II
  • JMC:6255  Problems in International Communication: Transcultural Communication and Migration in the Indian Ocean Rim and Caribbean Regions (Crossing Borders Seminar)
  • JMC 6333 Global Political Economy of the Media


Selected publications

Chitty, N. & Sosale, S. (2009) Editors, special issue on International Crises, Journal of International Communication.

Sosale, S. (2008). Communication, development, and democracy: Mapping a discourse. Cresskill, NJ: Hampton Press.

Sosale, S. (2007). “Pre-modern” online: Converging discourses of globalization and development. Journalism and Communication Monographs, 9 (1), 2-52. (sole article for the issue).

Articles and book chapters

Paul, S. & Sosale, S. (2019) Witnessing a Disaster: Public Use of Digital Technologies in the 2015 South Indian Floods. Digital Journalism, 8 (1), 15-31.

Carpenter, J. & Sosale, S. (2018) The role of language in a journalistic Interpretive community: Building on Indonesia's "biggest scoop ever," Journalism Practice, 13 (9), 280-297.

Sosale, S. (2017). Learning content creation in the field: Reflections on multimedia literacy in global context. In M.N. Yildiz, S.S. Fund, & B.S. De Abreu (Eds.), Promoting Global Competencies Through Media Literacy (pp. 125-137). Hershey, PA: IGI Global.

Sosale, S. & Rosas-Moreno, T. (2016). Framing cooperation among regional economic powers: The South in global spheres of influence. International Communication Gazette, 78 (8), 755-776.

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Sosale, S. (2013). Making media commodities from cultural practices: Implications for developing regions. Journal of Developing Societies, 29 (1), 47-60.

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Sosale, S. (2011). The Knowledge Economy and the Domestic Sphere: The Social Place of ICTs in Urban South Indian Homes. Journal of International Communication, 17 (1), 3-20.