Joseph Ascroft

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Hall of Fame

Ascroft, Professor Emeritus at the University of Iowa School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Born in Malawi, raised in Zimbabwe, and educated in Cape Town, South Africa, Professor Ascroft went on to work in Zimbabwe and Kenya before joining the University of Iowa School of Journalism in 1970. As a teacher, he focused his work on the Foundations of Communications and Third World Development courses. Professor Ascroft’s work frequently took him beyond campus—to Nairobi, Ghana, and Nepal, notably—by way of a Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship and work with the United Nations on various projects. In partnership with the Department of Geography and Political Science, he led the 1982 creation of an interdisciplinary master’s subprogram in Development Support Communication in the School of Journalism (since relocated to International Programs). In addition to his global work as a teacher and social worker, Professor Ascroft has worked as author and contributor on numerous publications.