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Eric Moy
Graduate Student
Teaching Assistant
E337 AJB

What is Eric's Story?

Eric Moy is an instructor/teaching assistant at the University of Iowa where he is pursuing a Ph.D. in mass communications. Eric also has an M.A. in counseling and student development, an M.S.W in social work, and educational specialist (EdS) degree in higher education and student affairs. Eric is committed to social change by ensuring systems and institutions are places that are conducive to people in all communities. As an instructor, Eric has received numerous teaching awards for his commitment to teaching and learning. Eric is also involved in working with first-generation college students to reach success. He has also served on multiple committees on diversity and social justice, Council on Teaching, Graduate Student Executive Committee. Eric's research interests are looking at media teaching pedagogy and how tools can be used as instruments or barriers for learning. Eric has also taught courses for the Hawkeye Service Team and the Critical Cultural Competency Certificate Program. Eric previously interned for an NGO radio station in South Korea, focusing on human rights advocacy. Eric recently participated in the Salzburg Academy on Media and Global Change where he graduated as a Salzburg Fellow.


Moy, E. (2019). Stereotypes in the Media. Guest Lecture for Media Uses and Effects.

Moy, E. (2018). Being Proud of Your Asian-American Pacific Islander Identity. Invited keynote speaker for the Asian-American Pacific Islander Graduation. University of Iowa.

Moy, E. (2018/2019). Microaggressions and the Asian Pacific American Experience. Guest lecture for Discrimination, Oppression, and Diversity course. University of Iowa.

Moy, E. (2018). Diversity Intelligent Servant Leadership. Guest lecture for Alternative Break Leaders course. University of Iowa. 

Moy, E. (2018). A Strengths-Based Approach to Guiding First Generation Students. First-Gen Summit.Moy, E. (2017). Invited Guest Lecture. Engaging in Global Health Course.

Moy, E. (2017). Culturally Competent Practice. Presentation. Salzburg Academy on Media and Global Change.

Moy, E. (2016). Educating with Food and Media from Around the World. Presentation. Diversity in Education Conference.

Moy, E. (2016). Skills of Interactive Teaching Using Lessons on Mah Jong Learning. Presentation. Diversity in Education Conference.

Moy, E. (2015). Educational Initiatives for the Community. Table Discussion. Global Health Conference.

Moy, E. (2015). Media & Cinema. Guest Lecture. Media History & Culture Course.

Moy, E. (2015). How the Introverted Asian-American Fit Into the Extroverted Workplace. Asian Pacific Americans in Higher Education National Conference.

Moy, E. (2014). The Introverted Student Affairs Professional: How to Be Yourself. Iowa Student Personnel Association Annual Conference.

Moy, E. (2014). A Taste of Hong Kong and Grace of Mah Jong. Beyond Tolerance Diversity Conference.

Moy, E. (2013). Strategies for Eliminating the Imposter Syndrome in First Generation College Students. Kansas Student Affairs Conference.

Moy, E. (2013). Understanding the Presence of Racial Microaggressions in Higher Education. Kansas Student Affairs Conference.

Moy, E., et al. (2010). Chicano Movement Sacramento. Video presentation session at the Department of Chicana/o Studies Showcase, Sacramento, California.


JMC 1100: Media Uses and Effects

JMC 1200: Media History and Culture

JMC 2020: Introduction to Multimedia Storytelling

CSI 1213: Edutainment Media for Academic Success

CSI 1213: Digital and Social Media for Personal Success

CSI 1280-1391: Steps to Success for TRIO: I, II, III, IV

LS 1024: Alternative Break Service Learning

CCCC 2220: Foundations Critical Cultural Competence

CCCC 4490: Integrative Seminar in Cultural Competence

GRAD 6217: Seminar in College Teaching

SSW 3847: Discrimination, Oppression, and Diversity


Moy, E. (2017). The Impact of Media Consumption and the Highly Sensitive Personality Trait on Millennial College Students. Specialist in Education Thesis.

Moy, E., Pro, G., Morris, C. & Marzell, M. (2016). Microaggressions and high-risk alcohol use in a college student population. Manuscript submitted for publication.

Moy, E. (2013). Asians on Campus: Understanding the Asian Americans' Experience and Struggles in Higher Education. Masters Report. 


SJMC John F. Murray Teaching Award Recipient 2020 

SJMC Murray Research Grant Recipient 2020

UI Graduate Fellow Award Recipient 2020

UI Champion for Student Success Recognition 2016-2019

Salzburg Academy on Media and Global Change, Salzburg Fellow 2017

UI Graduate College Diversity Scholarship Recipient 2014-2017

Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award Recipient 2016

UI School of Social Work Former Faculty Award Scholarship Recipient 2016

UI School of Social Work Scholarship Recipient 2015-2016

UI Callie Ann Hall Scholarship Recipient 2015

UI School of Social Work Former Faculty Award Scholarship Recipient 2015

UI Higher Education and Student Affairs Ph.D. Student Award Recipient 2014-2015

UI Educational Policy and Leadership Studies Fellowship Recipient 2014