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Online Master's Degree in Strategic Communication

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Online Master's Degree in Strategic Communication

The Online Master’s Degree in Strategic Communication serves current and aspiring communication professionals by combining the rigorous standards of a University of Iowa education with the convenience of online accessibility.

The professional curriculum in this program prepares the student with concepts and skills to support a variety of careers in professional communication, including crisis communication, event planning, health communication, political campaign development, public affairs communication, social media-based communication, and strategic communication campaign development and writing.

The program’s foundational courses emphasize core professional principles, while giving students the option to focus on specific career aspirations through elective courses. Students may enroll in electives from within the program or across the university, depending on the courses’ level (minimum 3000) and availability. This degree program culminates in a capstone project in lieu of a thesis, which serves as a bridge to the professional world.

Note: All courses meet on-line once a week in the early evening. Some major courses and outside electives also schedule classroom sessions for those who live in the Iowa City or Des Moines areas.

Admission/Application process for Master of Arts-Strategic Communication program

Fall 2017 Semester Class Offerings 

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  • JMC:5240:0EXW Digital Strategic Communication, Instructor: Eric Nelson
  • JMC:5248:0EXW Strategic Political Communication, Instructor: Bradley Knott
  • JMC:5266:0EXA Risk Communication: Crisis Communication, Instructor: Cory Kelly
  • JMC:5266:0EXW Risk Communication: Crisis Communication, Instructor: Cory Kelly
  • JMC:5270:0EXA Leadership Communication, Instructor: Jann Freed
  • JMC:5270:0EXW Leadership Communication, Instructor: Jann Freed
  • JMC:5300:0EXW Foundations of Strategic Communication, Instructor: Rachelle Biderman
  • JMC:5400:0EXW Strategic Communication Writing, Instructor: Rachelle Biderman

Degree Requirements and Description of Program Elements

Students entering the major fall 2016 or after

Students who entered the major prior to fall 2016

Contact information:

Jennifer Cooper
School of Journalism and Mass Communication
The University of Iowa
E305 Adler Journalism Building
Iowa City, IA 52242