The Conversation Center

We aspire to improve student life at the University of Iowa by encouraging American and international students to engage with each other in productive conversations in which they broaden their communication skills and understanding of differing cultural perspectives. As both international and domestic students practice their communication skills at the Conversation Center, they connect their larger communities and encourage a richer exchange of culture on campus. We firmly believe the University of Iowa can create a more welcoming environment for international students and benefit from the diversity on campus.

The Conversation Center helps undergraduate students develop intercultural awareness and communication skills. Through programming such as the Intercultural Conversation Hour and our Conversation Partners Program, students build confidence and cultural fluency with the English language; with informal, “low-stakes” verbal interactions; and with other cultures.

How to Make an Appointment

Click the "Make an Appointment" button at the top right of the Conversation Center's page. Appointments will be held with the same conversation partner every week at the same time for 10 weeks (from February 8th through April 22nd, not including Spring Break). You may reserve a maximum of three 30-minute appointments each week (only two of these may be consecutive). Appointments are reserved on-line starting the third week of the semester. Appointments are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.

Student Accomplishments

Take a look at the following video from the Special Projects course offered by Ben Hassmann: